The Month That Was… September 2020

October 1, 2020

Here we are again at the beginning of a new month, looking back over the one that has just gone by. September, on the whole, is a busy month for us. Cramming in those last few days of freedom before the children head back to school. Celebrating our wedding anniversary and What The Dad Said’s birthday.

The biggest adjustment this month has been back to school after having the children at home since March – apart from Piglet who had a few weeks in preschool before the summer. As lovely as it is for the children to be back both from an academic point of view as well as the social aspect. It is strange to see how much we had adjusted our lives during the lockdown having them at home. Very odd not to have them home during the day, but they make up for the lack of noise when they get home.

The month that was… September 2020

Boo and What The Dad Said

September saw us celebrating twenty years together as well as our sixteenth wedding anniversary. A low-key celebration as we can’t really afford to head out to celebrate as well as the obvious issue of no childcare. Not to worry we managed to grab a takeaway with the children and opted to forgo gifts this year.

What The Dad Said also celebrated his birthday, again a low-key affair but the children helped to make the day special for him. Luckily he wasn’t working this year so we had him home all day.

I’ve still not had any luck finding a job but I’m hoping to update my CV and do another wave of applications. I’m feeling bad for What The Dad Said as not only is he working extra shifts, he is now missing out on time with the children as he’s been on a run of late shifts.


Although she was unsuccessful in applying to a dance captain this year at school, her other talents have been utilised by her teachers. With a new role as Personal Assistant to the Performing Arts team. So she has been designing posters, timetables, agendas and email signatures. As a former administrator I am thrilled that she is following in my footsteps.

Alongside being back at school she has managed a shopping trip into the city with family. Celebrating a birthday it gave her the opportunity to spend some of her gift vouchers and money that she’d saved from her birthday and Christmas.


His easy-go-lucky nature continues and has been enjoying being back at school. Although it look him a whole to remember his teachers name despite spending six hours a day with her. Sports club has also restarted after school once a week, which has allowed him an extra blast of fitness and fun.

Gaming is still very much part of his life with an alternating day on / day off schedule when it comes to access. Although I don’t think he’s thrilled on non-computer days it does make him play with his LEGO, toys and Piglet too.


Even though Piglet is quite outgoing I did have a little bit of apprehension about her starting Reception class. All unfounded, of course, as she breezed in without so much a backwards glance. Coming home full of tales and facts about what they have been up to. There is a slight issue with one child in her class who is very rough with her, but the teachers are aware and monitoring it. The child in question is doing a similar thing to several children so some relief in knowing that it’s not just Piglet who has been singled out.

Outside of school Piglet is a chatterbox and always has something to say. She’s so happy that we have added a tropical fish tank to our home. Helping to feed them and checking on them whenever she walks past.

That was our month that was, what did you get up to in September?

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