API Fishcare - Tropical Home Aquarium

Setting up a tropical home aquarium

September 30, 2020

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For anyone who has followed my blog and social media for a while will know just how much we love to squeeze in a trip or two to SEA LIFE Centres across the UK. Fortunate enough to have both SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth and SEA LIFE Hunstanton within easy driving distance for us. With the children having the opportunity to learn about the different sea creatures as well as say a fond hello to our favourite penguin Boomer.

Selecting a family pet

When it comes to the option of having pets at home the children and What The Dad Said would love a dog. This is not something that we are currently in the position to do. However, having pets at home is a great way to teach children about responsibility, caring for others as well as touching on the subject of death. Given our love for visiting SEA LIFE Centres fish are a natural fit for us when it comes to selecting a family pet.

Thinking about Setting up a tropical home aquarium

Thinking about setting up a tropical home aquarium is slightly more involved than adding some water to a fish tank and adding fish. However, with the right knowledge and preparation, it can be a smooth process and one that the whole family can get involved with.

Gaining advise from the experts

In order for us to set up our family tropical home aquarium we were lucky enough to attend a virtual event with Gary Jones, Manager of Industry Relations and resident (self-proclaimed) fish nerd at Mars Fishcare. Taking us through the items we may require for setting up a tropical home aquarium. Alongside the different API treatments required for the health of the aquarium and fish.

API Fishcare

API Fishcare is passionate about fish keeping. They have been a pioneer in the aquatics industry for close to 60 years, developing and manufacturing hundreds of quality products to help people create and enjoy their underwater worlds. Including water conditioners, testing kits, medications and food products.

Setting up a tropical home aquarium

API Fishcare - Tropical home Aquarium

Fish Tank

Depending on the location and the number of fish you are to house will decide the size of the tank to purchase. We have set up the Aquael LEDDY 60 tank which includes the light, filter and heater required for a tropical home aquarium. Setting up the tank is really straightforward, with the instructions included to advise you on how to use the light, filter and heater.

Decorative items

Alongside the fish tank, you’ll want to add in a number of decorative features for both your fish and for the tank aesthetics. From the gravel on the base, available in a range of different styles and colours. Background scenes to make it appear like a larger tank, rocky or even wooden planks for a visual to the fish and room in which the aquarium will be housed in. Adding large pebbles, stones or rocks, as well as plants, allows areas for the fish to discover, hide and enjoy.

Ensuring the health of your aquarium and fish

When it comes to adding the water to your aquarium when you need to double-check that you have all the correct API Fishcare treatments in order to ensure the water is safe for the fish you plan to add to your tank.

API Stress Coat – A water conditioner makes tap water safe for fish. removing the chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals found in tap water (makes you think twice about drinking tap water – eek!). Including Aloe Vera providing care to any damaged tissue and wounds on your fish, which may have been caused by netting/handling the fish when they are introduced to your tank.

API Quick Start – A Nitrifying bacteria that helps kick start your aquarium’s natural cycle. Something to be added when starting a new fish tank, adding additional fish as well as after water and filter changes.

API Stress Zyme – A bacterial cleaner that will help you have a cleaner aquarium, healthier fish and good water quality. It can be used as part of your regular upkeep routine.

API Accu Clear – Helping to clarify cloudy water, quickly clumping together partials to make them easier to be removed by your aquariums filter system.

API Aquarium Salt – Helping to ensure your tank has the correct level of electrolytes that your fish need. These can be lost during water changes and is important for the health of your tank and fish that these are replaced.

API 5-in-1 Test Strips – Testing the health of your aquarium is important, giving you an indication of any levels that aren’t doing well. The dip strips are easy to use alongside the easy to read colour-coded chart on the side of the tub. Providing pH, KH, GH, nitrate and nitrite levels in one testing strip.

AQUARIAN Tropical Flake Food – Nutrient-rich and balanced diet flakes tropical community fish. Add enough flakes twice a day for your fish to eat within a few minutes. Suitable for all types of tropical fish. There are also other AQUARIAN fish foods available.

Our family tropical home aquarium

With our tropical home aquarium set up with the help of the children, we opted to add a couple of live plants and moss balls alongside decorative structures for the fish. Add two batches of fish, with four Penguin Tetras and two Shrimps to start with. Followed by four Molly fish and two Catfish a week later.

Getting the family involved with fish care has been lovely to see. From taking turns to feed the fish, turn on the light, clean the front of the tank as well as assist in water changes. With the older children able to tell What The Dad Said which treatments need to be added and how much is required.

API Fishcare - Tropical home aquarium

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