The month that was… July 2020

August 1, 2020

The Month That Was… Just like the earlier months in 2020, July has been a very different month from what we would normally have. With life in lockdown still continuing albeit with restrictions easing and many places able to reopen to some respect. It has, however, been the usual split month of celebrating the final week’s of the school year and the start of the summer holidays.

The Month That Was… July 2020

The month that was... July 2020

Boo and What The Dad Said

If we are honest both of us have been counting down the days until What The Dad Said‘s holiday. Having worked throughout the lockdown he hasn’t had anytime off since the February half term. So it’s been wonderful to have him with us without clock watching for his next shift to start.

It’s been a trying month in more ways than once, however, we realised many years ago that we would be facing things on our own. Against all odds, we can overcome the trials and tribulations of life. We might not be able to follow the paths we had hoped to but as long as we are together with our children we can do it.


The second year of high school was completed, with her time completing schooling from home drawing to a close. Something I think she was very happy about. Although she has completed everything she had been set via the school. I could tell that the novelty of being at home was wearing thin. Missing the social aspect of being at school and the interactions with friends and teachers. We have received details of how her school hopes to manage social distancing etc. in September. Encouraging to see that they are on the ball and looking forward to welcoming students back.

With the start of the summer holidays, it was finally time for us to head out into the real world. With two family trips to Chessington and Legoland. Roo is now old enough (and responsible enough) to be able to head off onto the big rollercoasters with Tigger on their own. Allowing her to make the most of the day out rather than hanging out at the smaller rides for Piglet.


Just before the schools closed for the summer, Tigger was invited to spend the afternoon at school. Meeting his new Year 5 teacher and an opportunity to see and engage with his classmates. Very strange to see him back in his uniform but he did enjoy the brief segment of normality. After completing his schoolwork and reading he has been enjoying some gaming with his cousins. So funny to listen to them on their headsets, especially when they start getting into the game and their annoyances come out. It’s a good job they are related otherwise I’m not sure that they would be friends.

His growth spurt during the lockdown has enabled Tigger to meet two milestones. Firstly, he no longer requires his high back booster in the car (so strange to see just one car seat in the back). Secondly, he is now tall enough for all the rides at Chessington World of Adventures and Legoland.

The month that was... July 2020


Piglet’s preschool time has come to an end. She has loved heading back into the classroom after time at home during the lockdown. Always eager to get there each day and full of stories when we pick her up at the end of the day. She can’t quite understand why she is now home again for the summer holidays. But with no homeschooling to be completed her siblings now have more time to play with her.

Life back on the road has enabled us to change Piglet’s car seat for a high back booster without the need for a 5-point harness. She’s growing up so quickly but is loving her new car seat, feeling like a big girl like her siblings.

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