ALDI Kit For Schools | How you can get involved [AD]

September 11, 2019 9 Comments

As part of Aldi’s long-standing partnership with Team GB, the family favourite supermarket is offering cash prizes to twenty schools across the UK to invest in equipment for a healthy legacy. Aldi will also be offering a Mini Olympics Kit to all schools who complete a poster, which includes, relay batons, cones and bibs.

Life Lessons You Can Start Teaching Your Kids Now

September 8, 2019 No Comments

School provides children with an educational foundation that helps them to accomplish many things. While a solid educational background is ideal for success, there are other life skills that children will need to accomplish this. Unfortunately, most school systems don’t spend much time on these subject matters leaving most children clueless once they enter the real world. To give your child the best headstart possible, it is ideal for parents to begin teaching them life skills early on.

Tips for Raising Happy and Healthy Children

August 29, 2019 No Comments

Raising children comes with its fair share of impressive moments, such as your child taking his or her first step, and some not-so-impressive moments, like using crayons to scribble on your white living room walls. But in the end, as a parent, your main goals include keeping your child safe, hearing them giggle, and watching them grow up to be prospering adults.

How to select a Backpack for High School

August 28, 2019 6 Comments

When it comes to buying the right backpack for high school, fashion and ease of use come to mind. There are many fashionable backpacks available and while your teen may not think a backpack is fashionable, they’ve come along way and it’s time to learn more about how a backpack can be a beneficial investment in your high school student’s life.

How Busy Moms Can Take Better Care of Themselves

August 27, 2019 No Comments

It is getting harder than ever for busy moms to juggle a career, a social life, and a family. It is too easy to get jammed up with one obligation or another when things don’t fit into their neat little schedules. As a result, active moms need some booster tips to help them maximize their time while still taking care of their basic needs.

Preschool | My Book of Nursery Rhymes + #Giveaway

August 23, 2019 71 Comments

This September Piglet is making the move from her day nursery setting to preschool within the local school. Whilst this has been delayed (by nine months) due to the school’s policies, she is finally starting her educational journey. To mark this milestone in her life we have been sent a personalised copy of the My Book of Nursery Rhymes for her to read, enjoy and treasure throughout preschool and beyond.

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