The Month That Was… February 2020

March 1, 2020 No Comments

It might have been the shortest month of the year but February managed to pack in the highs and lows of family life. It has felt a very chaotic month with us all coming and going at different times. Despite having the children off school for half term I feel as though I haven’t spent much quality time together as Roo was away on her Italy ski trip.

The Wedding Date, The Witcher and half-term #LittleLoves

February 28, 2020 11 Comments

This month has tested me in so many ways. With my wellbeing on the edge of coping at times. I’ve attempted to maintain that graceful swan-like appearance throughout the thick of things. Whilst crumbling when I’m alone with my thoughts finally catching up with me. Thank goodness for long car journeys, although the sight of a woman crying behind the wheel might have looked a little odd to passing motorists.

The Month That Was… January 2020

February 2, 2020 3 Comments

The first month of the year and the new decade is over. A month of packing away the festivities and returning to the every day mundane life of school, clubs, work and family chores. As boring and as mundane as life may feel at times, I’m not sure I would change it. We have a dynamic that works for us and I’d like to say we are happy. Accepting the loss of those are opting not to a part of our lives for one reason or another.

Monthly Goals | February 2020

January 31, 2020 No Comments

Despite January feeling at times that it is the longest month of the year. It has passed by all too quickly with us adjusting back into the usual routines of school, work and family life after the festive season. I’m still very much reflecting on the elements that make up my life. Re-evaluating whether I need to make changes to where I apply my time and effort.

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