Monthly Goals | October 2020

September 28, 2020

The end of the month seems to come around quicker and quicker. Alongside adjusting to new routines this month I have had a bad case of the ‘I can’t be bothered-ness’. Knowing that I have 101 things I should be doing accept finding something else to do instead. Not exactly conducive for tackling to-do lists etc., but a good dose of self-care so I guess not all bad (if not just a little bit selfish).

How did I get on with last months goals?

Given that I have been procrastinating for most of the month it’s probably a good thing that I set relatively easy monthly goals for the last month. Focusing on three different areas of my life. Spreading the probability that I would at least focus on at least one of the areas.

Clearing the drafts

I started quite well on the task of clearing my drafts, going through all the posts sitting in my draft folder to see what stage they were at. Some were just awaiting images so have been scheduled for publication. Others were simply deleted, whilst I have a batch of articles that need to be worked on, something I am yet to dedicate the time to.

Back to school

I have to confess to thinking that back to school would be cancelled at the last minute. However, both I and the children were ready for a slice of normality. Although I do have to admit to getting the date wrong for Tigger returning, finding out the day before that he was due back two days before his sisters – Oops!

Birthday prep

Celebrating all three children’s birthdays in November I need to be organised when it comes to presents, treats and what celebrations we are going to do for each of theme. Roo is on the ball this year with a list already produced and added to Amazon to share with friends and family. Piglet is relatively easy to plan for, however, Tigger is the one I’m struggling with. Not wishing to only have computer games etc. on his list, however, his days of playing with figures and toys are numbered.

Monthly Goals - Macbook on a desk with apple mouse

My plans and goals for October

I can’t even believe I’m planning October already, the darker evenings, the turn in the weather and the countdown until the end of the year begins. But it’s time to start thinking about the monthly goals that I’m looking to achieve in October.


Other than Christmas this is the time of the year our community comes together and homes are decorated. The chances of the children being able to do trick or treating this year are low, so I’m not sure how will be celebrating this year. Although I don’t want it to pass by uncelebrated so I’m going to look at ways to celebrate Halloween at home.

CV creation

I’ve been applying for some jobs recently, however, currently unsuccessfully. I had put together a basic CV to attach to online application forms, however, I’d like to re-do this and create a more comprehensive CV in the hope that I can articulate my skill set better. Rather than it just looking as though I have been working from home for the past four years.

Content planning

Whilst there is still a large part of everyday blogging that happens on the spur of the moment. There is also a great deal of planning that goes into what content to create, when it should be published and how to promote via social media etc. I really need to sit down and think about the topics I’d like to feature on my site in the coming months as well as the bigger picture of where I’d like to take things next year.

Do you have any monthly goals for the month ahead?

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