Teenagers and Boundaries

October 17, 2019 No Comments

Boundaries and consistency are what every teenager needs in order to feel loved and secure. Take away those boundaries and teens will do whatever they want, but in doing so they will be very insecure and unhappy.

Helping Teens with Their Finances

August 14, 2019 No Comments

When your teen first begins earning money from a part-time job, it’s an exciting time for the whole family. It’s their first taste of freedom and your first opportunity to show them how to responsibly handle their income. Even if it’s just grass cutting job on the side, there’s a great sense of pride that you and your teen will share in together.

7 Fun Screen-Free Activities to Try with your Kids

August 8, 2019 5 Comments

The advancement of technology has surely made life a lot easier for all of us, but all of us know and have also experienced at least a few of its pitfalls. If you’re actively looking for some screen-free activities that you can get your kid engrossed in, we’ve got you some help. Read on to discover some of the best!

Helping Your Teenager Adjust to Divorce

June 10, 2019 No Comments

Teenagers are often reluctant to talk about their feelings, which makes things even harder. They may also pose some very awkward questions about your divorce. Questions you’re not ready to answer. However hard things get, the bottom line is that your teenager needs you during this time of transition.

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