As our children get older, they’re not so interested in the toy kitchen as a worthwhile Christmas present anymore, they go towards the dreaded video game. Now, if you’re a parent that’s a bit reticent towards the idea of your kids playing video games this is understandable. You may think that they will barricade themselves away in their room, playing violent games for hours, if not days on end. But, you could use your kids’ interest in video games to actually bond with them a bit more. And in fact, the whole family can get in on the act! Let’s find ways to create a family-friendly gaming experience.… View Post

Sky Kids App | The one stop app for …

Sky Kids App | The one stop app for fun, games and quizzes

When it comes to finding age-appropriate apps for my children to access.  I have to confess that they only have a handful of them downloaded to their tablets.  This is because, apps like the Sky Kids app houses both games and TV content which they love – so why download anything else?  We’ve been using Sky Kids for around 3-4 years and it has been utilised by both Roo and Tigger. … View Post

Win with VQ and Bohemian Rhapsody: The Movie

Win with VQ and Bohemian Rhapsody: The Movie

There’s a new film release on the block this month, and it’s a kind of magic, to say the very least. Yes, on Wednesday 24 October this year, in just a week’s time, Bohemian Rhapsody: The Movie hits the flicks. It’s time for us parents to break free, grab some popcorn, and arrange a child-free evening out to celebrate a cinematic expression of the hottest thing that ever happened to British rock.… View Post



The O2 Family Plan offers a range of tariffs, services and perks to help family life run a little more smoothly (if that is even possible?).  Making family time count with advanced parental controls, exclusive Priority offers and one simple bill for all the connections plus discounts on each connection added (saving up to 50% on tariffs).… View Post

Google Home for Families

Google Home for Families

How many times during the day do you just wish that you had a little bit more help? Being a parent is an amazing job, but it’s a never-ending one that takes a lot of time. While the obvious answer is that your children and your family always come first, there are some days when it’s hard to find the balance to juggle everything that you have to do for work, home, and family. The good news? There is help out there in the form of something that you may already be using in your home each and every day. Google Home may be just the cry for help that you’re needing.… View Post

Judging a Book by its Cover: Searching for …

Judging a Book by its Cover: Searching for the Best Domain Name

For a moment, imagine that you are shopping at a local bookstore. You have a specific subject in mind and two books meet the criteria. However, one is a plain hardcover with no illustrations and a simple title. The other boasts highly detailed graphics, an appealing image and a similar length. Which book would you choose? This very same principle applies to selecting a domain name. In order to stand out from the masses, a significant amount of thought must go into the creation process. Let us break this concept down into easily digestible steps.… View Post

Smart Meter // How To Get A Smart Meter …

Smart Meter // How To Get A Smart Meter Installed

Just before Christmas, we received an email from our energy suppliers E.ON informing us about the Smart Meter rollout that is happening across the UK.  Between now and 2020 energy suppliers are offering households the opportunity to replace their current energy meters with Smart Meters.  The change over to a Smart Meter will allow energy suppliers the opportunity to take meter readings digitally and provide more accurate energy bills.  Partnered with an in-home display meter, householders are then able to track energy usage as well as the amount they are spending.… View Post