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Life In Lockdown | Back to preschool

June 23, 2020

Life In Lockdown… When the government announced the staggering return to school information. Opting to offer Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 the opportunity to return to school first. I thanked my lucky stars that none of the children was in those age groups. Therefore not having to make a decision about whether or not to allow them to return to school.

Social media was awash with varying opinions as to whether children should or should not be returning. Overwhelming to say the least. Like all aspects of parenting, we all have our own thoughts on what is best for our children.

Life In Lockdown

Life In Lockdown | Back to preschool
child on a purple micro scooter standing in front of a green bush

Saying no

The school contacted me via email with a survey ahead of the proposed re-opening date. Asking whether Piglet would return to preschool if the provision was available. At that time I answered no, feeling it was too soon for her to be returning. This was followed by a call offering her usual 30-hour placement. Once again I declined.

Missing social interaction

Whilst Piglet has taken the lockdown in her stride, it was becoming more obvious that she was missing the social aspect of preschool. A social butterfly, she is used to seeing others, interacting and engaging with friends and teachers. There is only so much of her siblings and us that she can take entertainment-wise.

Changing my mind

Despite my concerns, last weekend I made the decisions to see whether they still had space available for her to return to preschool. Which they did and everything was arranged yesterday for her to return today. I know that this is the best choice for her, more so than her siblings who are older and able to find other ways to entertain themselves.

Life In Lockdown | Back to preschool
child standing with a purple micro scooter in front of a green bush

Dressed for the occasion

After breaking the news to her last night about going back to preschool she was elated. Especially as we needed to make an emergency dash to the supermarket to get new school summer dresses as she had outgrown her pinafores and trousers, Armed with her purple gingham dresses and matching socks (obviously!) she was so proud when we came to pay for them and the checkout lady asked her about returning to school.

I can’t sleep

Too excited to sleep she woke at 5.20 am this morning eager to get ready and off to preschool. Thankfully, I managed to pacify her with a movie snuggled up together before breakfast and getting ready for school. Proud as punch to stand with her uniform and bags waiting to go into the school. Eagerly heading in without so much as a bye mum!

So much fun

As I picked her up from preschool this afternoon she was so happy and full of stories about who she had seen, what she had gotten up to and the things that she had played with. Eager to get home to tell Daddy and her siblings about her day.

Whilst I might still have reservations about her being back at preschool, it is the best decision for her. Fingers crossed she doesn’t continue the 5.20 am wake up calls!

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