The Ultimate Guide To Door Installation

January 19, 2022

Nowadays, you can hire experts for your door installation projects at home or in your business. With the correct information and guidance, door installation is not that daunting. Here’s a guide to help you have a smooth door installation project:   

Early Years Education: What You Can Be Doing With Your 1, 2, or 3 Year Old Ahead Of School + #Giveaway

January 19, 2022

There are plenty of early years education activities you can do from the age of one, and it can be a big help for them to have some grounding in knowledge before entering a new chapter of their own lives. So with that in mind, here are some of the early years education activities that you can be doing with your one, two, and three-year-old ahead of school. 

The Best Family Cars Of 2021

January 18, 2022

Are you in the market for a new family car? This is a decision that should not be rushed as in addition to being a major financial decision, it is also a major lifestyle decision as you need to find a car that is reliable and a good fit for your family’s lifestyle. With this in mind, here are Whatcar’s top 5 family cars of 2021.

5 Tips for saving yourself money during energy saving week

January 17, 2022

It is big energy saving week! This is a national campaign with a focus on saving UK homeowners money on our energy bills. I think we’ve all noticed our energy bills creeping up recently and it seems like they’re only going to climb higher. We’ve been told to expect our bills to increase by over 50 per cent in the next few months!

How to make Pretzel Turtles

January 15, 2022

Pretzel turtles look great, they taste incredible and are so easy to make you will be creating them time and time again. Here is everything that you need and the method to help you create the butterfly pretzel turtles treats.

Why white bedding can work for any bedroom

January 14, 2022

Your bedroom deserves some love and attention, you deserve a sanctuary to retire to at night, and the new year is the ideal time to place some of that newfound motivation into decorating and making changes to your bedroom. So here are some ideas that can help you to create a calm space in your bedroom. 

Osmo Coding Starter Kit for iPad + #Giveaway

January 12, 2022

Transform your child’s tablet into a hands-on coding adventure. Designed for ages 5–10, the Osmo Coding Starter Kit builds coding skills in progression with 3 hands-on learning games. Watch your child learn to code as they connect colourful blocks of code in the physical world to chart the adventure on their screen.

Blogging 101 | Productivity Hacks for Writers

January 11, 2022

We all have time to write during our day – just as you have time to read this article right now. You might not complete a novel, but you can certainly complete a paragraph or more. Don’t leave to write just as yet. When it comes to productivity for writers, it’s not about finding more time to write, it’s about making the best of the existing time that you have available to you.

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