Parenting is a juggling act and sometimes we need a helping hand to get through the multitude of activities that must be completed that day.  From playing taxi service to sitting on the sidelines during activities.  I have an ace up my sleeve for these moments and it comes in the form of the Sky Kids App. … View Post

With the school Christmas holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start planning some fun activities for them to complete at home.  How about making some sweet Santa crafts that can be used to… View Post

Why is it the nights that you have nothing pre-prepared for dinner, are the ones when you are at your most busiest?  Family life is hectic at the best of times but throw in a… View Post

Last night Tigger performed in his first Christmas carol concert at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich. On the way back to the car, we made a detour to see the Christmas lights at intu Chapelfield… especially the Christmas bauble.… View Post

Earlier this year Mr Boo and Roo undertook the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure at High Lodge.  Whilst Mr Boo wasn’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of getting up amongst the trees, he knew that there… View Post

As I sit down to tell you all about the Premier League Writing Stars competition. I can’t help reflecting upon how different this post would have been a year ago.  Whilst Tigger has always applied himself… View Post

Dumbledore would be horrified to know that I was letting you in on some of the nastiest Dark Arts spells, but how can you defend yourself against them if you don’t know what they are? More to the point, how will you ever be prepared to face the Death Eaters at the Dark Arts exhibit? So, wands at the ready!… View Post

The lead up to Christmas can feel even busier, with additional pressures on our time.  From school activities, longer working hours and ensuring that the Christmas shopping is completed before the big man visits on Christmas Eve.  When it comes to Christmas shopping it is all about shopping smarter not harder.  … View Post

Christmas is just around the corner and once again the turkey will most likely be taking centre stage.  However, this year instead of creating the same roast turkey that you’ve made time and time again.  Try injecting an additional layer of flavour to your Christmas dinner with these terrific turkey recipe ideas.… View Post