Picture the scene, you’ve just woken up with a sore throat.  Do you think to yourself I need to pop to the pharmacy or supermarket to pick up some lozenges or do you ring your GP practice for an appointment?  I’d like to think that most of us would opt for the first opinion, however, recent research from Jakemans, the leading menthol confectionery brand has uncovered that we are turning to our doctors for harder solutions to treat a sore throat when over-the-counter remedies provide the answer.… View Post

Shortly after we moved to our new house we found a bright orange car that looked like one of the cars from Transformers.  We would joke that it was resting up after a busy night out fighting the Decepticons as it was always there on the morning school run in the same place.  So you can imagine the delight on Tigger’s face when he came home to find the Transformers The Last Knight RC Bumblebee car sitting waiting for him…

Bumblebee is Optimus Primes most trusted ally. Now it’s up to you and Bumblebee to save the world from the evil Decepticons.… View Post

Most people know when they’ve not had enough sleep after a night on the town or extra hours at work, but what they may not realise is that they are probably not getting adequate rest most of the time. If you often find yourself drowsy at the most inopportune times or going through the day with odd aches and pains, you are probably one of the millions who simply isn’t getting the amount or level of sleep required for health of mind and body. However, don’t worry. There are ways to ensure you get a perfect night’s sleep.… View Post

One of our Christmas traditions has been to visit the St Peter Mancroft Church in Norwich city centre. Attending to watch the Poringland Singers and the children’s school perform in the annual Christmas Carol Concert. This year joined by the CLIC Sargent music academy singers. … View Post

Music is one of those things that brings everyone together. From late teenage nights getting ready to go out and meet up with Mr. Boo after he finished work with friends. I can remember having music blasting out as we got dressed and did our make up. To the nights we would be heading out to clubs and bars painting the night red and singing on karaoke. 

Nowadays our clubbing days might well be over but music still plays a big part in our lives. Something we can enjoy with the children, family and friends no matter what the occasion or just because it’s Sunday night and we are putting off the fact that it’s almost Monday again. … View Post

As you get older, your joints start to show the signs of their age and activity. The back often gets stiffer with the spinal column having less fluid movement, which makes bending down to pick things up harder and even getting into and out of bed more difficult too.… View Post

In my life before children, I would kid myself into thinking that I was able to multitask with the best of them.  Working in an administration environment it was common practice to be taking a phone call, typing something up on the computer, whilst calling another patient through to clinic etc.  Heading into motherhood I knew that there would new skills that I would have to learn but hey I had multitasking down to a fine art.

Or so I thought.… View Post

With the seasons changing and the weather starting to look decidedly cold, it is that time of year when most of us will be coming down with an ailment or two.  All of us are different and ailments will affect us in different ways.  Sore throats are my downfall, despite eventually having my tonsils taken out at eighteen after years of throat infections.  Being a busy mum of three I need to be able to soothe my sore throat to ensure that I am able to carry on family life.  Jakemans is my saving grace and always helps soothe my throat – whether I’m at home or on the move.… View Post

In years gone by many of us would scour the high street in search of the perfect gift for loved ones, family, and friends.  A combination of time constraints and convenience many of us are now shopping online for gifts.  But does shopping online make the gifts impersonal? It doesn’t have to.  With the help of The Box Tree elves, they have gifts which still have that personal touch and all wrapped up for you (literally!).… View Post