Encourage your children to play outside more.’

It’s a statement you’ll often hear – but in the next instance, you’re being warned about ‘stranger danger’ or traffic.

It often feels like a lose/lose situation.

You know your children will benefit from playing outdoors but how do you make sure they’re safe at all times?… View Post

Even if you’re pretty good at budgeting, and you’ve set up a savings account, so you can start to put some of your pay towards a long-term goal like a family holiday, there’s always a chance that an emergency could come along and undo all your hard work. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you have a “rainy-day” fund, as well as a savings account.… View Post

There are a number of reasons why women may choose to feed their baby expressed breast milk. Here are just a few of the benefits of pumping.… View Post

As an avid reader, Roo likes to enjoy a chapter or two of a book before bed.  I can always tell when she has one that has gripped her imagination as she’ll ask if she can read an extra chapter.  The latest book to get her reading extra is Candy by Lavie Tidhar.… View Post

It isn’t hard to find stylish accessories and unique additions for your home, especially when there are so many stores offering these must-have accents. But how do you use these accessories to create maximum impact in your home?… View Post

With the warm weather and summer months upon us, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore the beautiful and sunny surroundings with your little one. Depending on the age of your child, there is a lot to consider when taking them out and about in the hot and humid weather. Carrying them is always an option, but can often lead to both you and them getting overheated and feeling hot due to the heat that also comes from both your bodies as well.… View Post

With the summer holidays fast approaching, now’s the time to start thinking of fun and unique ways to get the family outdoors. These days, the majority of kids spend their time in front of technology, rather than playing outside. This does nothing for their physical and mental health so, why not check out these great games for outside listed below.… View Post

Just before Christmas, we received an email from our energy suppliers E.ON informing us about the Smart Meter rollout that is happening across the UK.  Between now and 2020 energy suppliers are offering households the opportunity to replace their current energy meters with Smart Meters.  The change over to a Smart Meter will allow energy suppliers the opportunity to take meter readings digitally and provide more accurate energy bills.  Partnered with an in-home display meter, householders are then able to track energy usage as well as the amount they are spending.… View Post

The kitchen is not only a space for cooking and eating but also where all of the action in the home takes place. We survive because of the kitchens. From entertaining visitors to gathering together, every day, as a family. It’s the true heart of the home because it’s where food is prepared. When comes to transforming your kitchen you can decide just how much of a change you are looking for.  Whether it is replacing kitchen units, adding a different scheme or sprucing up with new accessories.  Take a look at our top kitchen decorating ideas…… View Post