The bedroom is a crucial and sacred area of most houses. Not only does it need to reflect our personal style, it needs to be comfortable. The first thing that comes to mind for many people is the furniture – namely their bed. However, flooring is a key factor in getting the ideal look for your bedroom, whilst also making it warm and inviting. Covering everything from wood flooring to thick carpets, here are four great flooring options to make the most of your bedroom.… View Post

When planning a new patio it is best to consider the colour scheme beyond just the colour of the paving slabs. If you want a patio garden, then you will need containers to grow plants in. Try to be sure that you can obtain containers or planters which blend well with the colour of the slabs. For example, light brown paving slabs above may look very nice, but are not so easy to blend in naturally with surroundings, or find complementary planters for.… View Post

PAW Patrol has a funny effect on the children in my house.  Piglet, of course, goes running to the TV and starts shouting out all the character names (she can’t say many words but funnily enough has managed to learn the PAW Patrol pups names!).  Whilst Roo and Tigger, do a little groan about having to watch it.  Although once the theme tune has finished you can find them glued to the screen as much as Piglet.… View Post

Throughout your daily life, you will come across local groups, communities and causes.  Some of which you will access and use the services they provide regularly, others you will have heard of because of their involvement in your area, whilst there will be those that you might not be aware of until you are in need of the support, advice, or the facilities that they offer. 

The majority of these services will be run using funds that these groups have raised themselves or via grants. With budgets becoming more restricted, these causes are in need of a helping hand to ensure that they are able to continue their fantastic work.  The Aviva Community Fund is one those helping hands that each year offers local causes and community groups the opportunity to bid for funding. … View Post

Perhaps a hobby that you associate with your grandparents, knitting has, in fact, had a bit of a makeover and become a favourite pastime, particularly with millennials. This has led to a bit of a knitting trend, as more people have started to embrace the craft. But why is this?

If you’re considering a new hobby that will help you to zone out while allowing you to put you’re your feet up, then knitting could be for you. Read on to find out about some of the biggest benefits of knitting and you could soon be joining the growing numbers! … View Post

The UK’s leading youth homelessness charity Centrepoint has just launched The Big Broth, a competition to find the tastiest home-made soup recipe.

The new fundraising campaign will give one lucky amateur cook the chance to have their delicious recipe produced by Yorkshire Provender and be sold in Waitrose shops from Winter 2018, with a 20p donation from each pot sold going to Centrepoint.… View Post