A clean child’s room. Seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Day in and day out, we organise and shelf, and try to set a good example. But it seems to just get away from us. If you are frustrated with cleaning your child’s room, and feeling like you are berating your little one about it, take some steps to control the clutters and get things looking tidy once and for all.… View Post

November marks birthday month for Roo, Tigger and Piglet – poor planning on our behalf.  But coming from a family with birthdays all in December, it would feel odd to have birthdays scattered across the… View Post

Christmas is coming and what better way to celebrate than with one of these fantastic Twirlywoos prize bundles. Whether at home or on the go, this fantastic product range provides endless opportunities for fun and entertainment whilst helping to develop their physical, emotional and cognitive skills.… View Post

It may seem like a crazy idea to take the whole family to India. You may have preconceived notions about this wonderful country. You may have the idea that it’s dirty and you’re sure to get travel sickness. India is so much more than the big cities you’ll fly into. There is a place of calm here.… View Post

The way you light a space will determine the look and feel of an area. Solely turning on an overhead light every time you walk into a room may work well for lighting the entire area, but it won’t do much for unwanted shadows or comfort. There are three lighting layers that offer the solution for all your lighting problems. But only one lighting fixture can create all layers. Recessed lighting is multi-faceted and can be used in every area of your home.… View Post

It’s November. You’ve just spent weeks running around for a specific Halloween costume for it to be worn once. Now it’s almost Christmas, and you’ve got lists as long as ten arms filled with jobs to do and presents to buy. It’s dark. It’s dismal. It’s cold. You’re long overdue a new scented candle and a bubble bath with wine. And frankly, you deserve to catch a break.… View Post

Cry Babies Magic Tears are miniature versions of the doll brand, Cry Babies, a new unboxing collection features the cutest little babies that cry real tears and have a magical story to tell too.… View Post

When it comes to making Christmas wishlists something that we have tried to instil with each of the children is why they are adding that item to the list.  Is it something that they want, need, will wear or to read? … View Post

Oh my gosh, is there anything better than shopping for Christmas decor? Definitely, once autumn hits, there’s no finer pastime than browsing the pop-up decoration stores or sitting home browsing catalogues.

There’s certainly something heart-warming and comforting about decking the halls. Even when it’s raining, pouring, outside, and you’ve just suffered through the hardest day at work, returning to a warm, calm home can fill you full-to-brimming with festive cheer. It’s infectious, didn’t you know?… View Post