Most homes, especially if you’ve bought a pre-built one, have walls and ceilings that are painted white or grey. This is very much understandable. White and grey are neutral colours, so they don’t really clash with the colours of whatever items the new homeowners are going to bring in. It can be said that the developer just wanted to play it safe.… View Post

Tips And Tricks To Light Up Your Dining …

Tips And Tricks To Light Up Your Dining Room

The dining room can be a tricky room to light. It can serve many different functions from formal to casual. It’s usually a place where some of your nicest furniture goes and where you put your best foot forward for your guests. Accommodating all of those purposes can be tricky when it comes to lighting.… View Post

Update your dining experience

Update your dining experience

Dining should be an elegant experience and dining tables and chairs can sometimes lack that certain something once they get tired and worn. There is a way though, to bring back some glamour using table covers to update your dining experience. Using a table cover can add a completely new look to your table and change your colour scheme. Using sumptuous fabrics like damask can add elegance and enable you to create a high-end look for special occasions like Christmas or birthday celebrations.… View Post