Changing Faces Week Eighteen {2015}

A mixed week really, I think we have all been a little under the weather with little colds, snotty noses and sneezes. I have to admit to looking forward to the long bank holiday weekend and hopes the weather plays ball.


Changing Faces Week Eighteen {2015} - Roo

  • Received a special award at Cub Scouts for her hard work and dedication during a fundraising bag pack.
  • Excited to get a letter from her Nanny in Spain
  • Seems to have had a growth spurt, time to buy a whole new summer wardrobe!


Changing Faces Week Eighteen {2015} - Tigger

  • Has been a grumpy little boy this week, not really sure why but I’m dreading the teenage years!
  • Is loving exploring the local North Denes sand dunes, finding snails and different plants
  • Is obsessed with Minion Rush on his tablet (and would happily play it all day if I’d let him)

Are you looking forward to the bank holiday weekend?


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