Master Bedroom: The Simple Changes You Can Make That Will Enhance the Space

Simple Changes You Can Make That Will Enhance Your Master bedroom

October 22, 2021

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Since you become a parent you can often find yourself looking forward to that moment when you can relax at night, put your head on the pillow and go into a deep sleep that leaves you rested and ready for the next day. Of course, not all nights will be uneventful, but as a parent, you deserve to have a room in your home that enables you to relax and unwind. A chance to feel comfortable, calm, and collected. 

However, you also want that space to be a relief toon of who you are and this can often mean that you want to style up the space and inject some personality. Your master bedroom can be everything you imagine it to be, and there are often only a few simple changes and investments that need to be made to make that happen. So without further ado here are some of the simple changes that you can make to help you enhance your master bedroom and continue to look forward to relaxing there each night. Helping you to get more out of your bedroom space and feel good about it. 


It doesn’t cost a fortune to give a room a new lease of life with a quick coat of paint. You can tell a lot by the colour you choose. You could go for something bright and out there. Or maybe something more simple or understated. Also, the colour of your walls can have a real effect on your sleep as well. Bright purple has been recorded to be the worst colour to have. A nice simple yellow and blue can have a much more calming effect on your sleep patterns.

It doesn’t take much but a simple bit of decorating can make a big improvement to your space. Fresh, clean walls can give a room a new lease of life. If you do nothing else, this will still give you the benefit of improvement without a huge price tag. 

Master Bedroom: The Simple Changes You Can Make That Will Enhance the Space

You could take this opportunity to try something new as well. Wallpapered feature walls are a big trend as well as a feature wall in a different colour to add a bit of drama. Your bedroom can be just as stylish as any other room in the house. Or if you fancy yourself a bit of an artist why not design or draw something on one of the walls. You could even add pictures and prints and create a montage as a feature if you prefer. The options are endless once you start to think about it and this is your chance to go a little crazy. 

Beds and soft furnishings

It’s obvious that your bed is the main focal point in your bedroom. So bed linen is really important to lift the look and feel of a bedroom. You could choose something plain and understated and then use bedroom accessories to add drama and style. A gorgeous bedspread could also make the difference, offering not only gorgeous style but comfort too. There is so much choice out there so it would be worth shopping around.

You can utilise duvets, bed linen and bedspreads to match your original idea of a theme for your room. For example, if you have a very plain white wall a lovely patterned bed linen would look amazing and super stylish. You want your bedroom to be comfortable and stylish and soft furnishings could make a big difference. For example, cushions can change the look of a bedroom.

From simple blocks of colour to pretty floral patterns and the way you style them on the bed itself can also make a big difference. You can never have too many cushions in my opinion. 

Invest in some new furniture 

If you want to make some big improvements to your bedroom space then now would be the time to invest in some new furniture. Replacing things like dressing tables and beds can become quite costly. So it’s worth looking into what you can upcycle. If you are thinking about doing some upcycling, then there are plenty of places to get some inspiration about what to do with worn-out furniture. Pinterest and Instagram would be good places to start. You could paint them up in a different colour or add some new decoration. You could even find an alternative use for it. 

If you happen to be replacing your furniture then having a good look around on the internet or in some shops will give you a better idea of what you would like. Things like seeking out individual pieces that will help bring the vision to life would be an ideal place to start. If you are planning on replacing your bed, then a new mattress should be on the cards. You could indulge and treat yourself to a new luxury mattress or something bigger.

A bedroom at the end of the day needs to be a place of comfort and what better way than having a new comfortable mattress to enjoy. If you don’t already look forward to bedtime, you soon will do.

Master Bedroom: The Simple Changes You Can Make That Will Enhance the Space


Not many people can switch their minds off if they are surrounded by mess. When you decide to give your room a new makeover, it would be a great idea to see it as an opportunity to de-clutter. You could get rid of some of those clothes you don’t wear. Or items that have just been stuffed in draws or put to one side. Decluttering can be good for the soul. Once you start your decluttering mission, you won’t be able to stop yourself. You will find you probably head through the whole house getting rid of unwanted things and tidying away. 

The one thing people do struggle with is how to start or where to start, so if you do normally avoid decluttering or haven’t done it in a while why not start off small? Five minutes per drawer or area of your bedroom could help you start to sift through things as you go. The more you declutter, the more your bedroom will feel like a tranquil space. You might also want to think about finding new homes for things so that your bedroom can feel tidy and orderly. This brings us to the next suggestion. 


With decluttering in mind, it would be advisable to consider getting some new storage to keep things tidy. You have just spent all that time clearing things out and creating space so adding storage solutions to your room will enable you to keep it that way. Just tidying things away or having places where things belong can make such a huge improvement to your bedroom space. 

Storage can help you to stay more organised, and having plenty of storage within storage is a good thing to consider. Your wardrobe can become messy or cluttered again, so why not have baskets to help segregate items. A shoe rack to keep shoes in check and even things like separate areas for different items of clothing. Storage can be essential not just in your bedroom, but by creating solutions in your home, you will find it will be easier to stay organised and have a bedroom space that will be inviting and relaxing. 

Finishing touches 

It’s the finishing touches that can make a big difference to your room. We have already touched on the soft furnishings and bed linen and how much of a focal point those can be. But it’s also worth remembering that the little details can make big improvements to your space in their special way. Things like candles and photo frames add a more personal touch to a room. Also, wall prints with gorgeous pictures or inspirational messages can also add to a space.

The finishing touches can also be the fun part of any decorations and makeover in any part of your home, but when it comes to the bedroom, you will want to make sure that it not only reflects who you are as a person but also helps you to relax. A room should be able to keep you calm, inspire you as well as help you to feel energised when the moment requires it.

So take the time to add the right things into your space that will do that for you. With all the extra storage you will have invested in, it means that your space will be all neat and tidy. The perfect setting to showcase your finishing touches. 

Master Bedroom: The Simple Changes You Can Make That Will Enhance the Space

Being a parent means sometimes you put yourself right at the bottom of any priority lists. It’s always the living spaces, kitchens, or the kid’s bedrooms that get the most attention. Even the most budget. It can’t be helped. Those are the rooms you spend a lot of time in as a family. But it’s nice to put some focus on your space as well. A happy mum means a happy family. A well-rested mum makes for an even happier family. 

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