Why white bedding can work for any bedroom

Why white bedding can work for any bedroom

January 14, 2022

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The new year is an ideal time for a project, don’t you think? It is the ultimate fresh start. The first month of a new year, the motivation to tackle resolutions you may have made and to make some positive changes. One of those changes often involves your home, and an area many people consider transforming is their bedrooms. 

Your bedroom will often be low on the priority list when it comes to changing rooms and redecorating. We always seem to focus attention on the rooms that people see the most of changes to kids’ bedrooms, don’t you think? But your bedroom deserves some love and attention, you deserve a sanctuary to retire to at night, and the new year is the ideal time to place some of that newfound motivation into decorating and making changes to your bedroom. So here are some ideas including utilising white bedding that can help you to create a calm space in your bedroom. 

The bed linen is important 

One of the first things to consider is bed linen. Your bed is often a focal point in a bedroom, and so what you place on to your bed is key to adding style and personality to your room. But the truth is, tastes can change, and as your bedroom doesn’t always sit high on the priority list for changes and redecoration, a simple trick to choose something neutral that can easily be changed with the season or when you fancy something different.

A white bedding set is a perfect option to consider. It is a blank canvas that you can work with and change. The bedding set is the main focus, but then you can add a throw at the end of the bed in a pattern or colour, and the cushions can really transform the space. This way, if you do want to make some changes to your bedroom you don’t need to be too drastic. A simple cushion cover change, or a splash of a different colour and you are good to go. Simple, but extremely effective. 

A fresh lick of paint can make a big difference

The walls are often the area of your bedroom that will have received the least amount of love over the years. So a fresh lick of paint could make all of the difference. Just as you would with the bed linen and choosing a neutral colour, a great tip is to mirror that to walls. White walls can feel fresh and make a space feel larger and more calming. However, you can still inject personality into the walls by adding your favourite prints or pictures.

A feature wall behind your bed can be created with pictures of your family and friends. You could use coloured frames or stick with a monochrome theme and have black and white prints instead. There are so many ways that you can work with neutral walls, and it means that small changes can be made more often as it won’t feel like such a big job. 

Why not invest in some new bedroom furniture?

The truth is, you might need to ask yourself when you last changed your mattress or invested in any new bedroom furniture. As we don’t tend to change things for ourselves, it might have been some time since those things were new. So maybe the new year is a great time to invest in some new bedroom furniture. There are always excellent offers available throughout January to take advantage of, and choosing something in a neutral colour means the accessories can do the talking and it will stand the test of time once more.

Your mattress might also be causing you more problems than you realise. So take time to find the right one for you. It may even transform how you feel when you wake up in the morning and enable you to have a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

Why white bedding can work for any bedroom

Decluttering is key 

Finally, there is no point in making all of these changes to your bedroom if you are not prepared to do some decluttering. You have to admit that your bedroom is likely the dumping ground for everything. From freshly washed clothes to things you need to put away. You may not have even ventured too far into the drawers and wardrobes and have clothes in there you no longer love, want, or even fit you.

January is the time to declutter, and so you may want to consider delving into the hidden crevices of your bedroom and getting rid of some of the things you no longer need in your life. Once you have decluttered, you can put more organised systems in place for clothing and other things you want to store. It will transform not only how your bedroom looks but also how it feels. 

Hopefully, these tips and suggestions will help you to transform your bedroom this January. Neutral and white bedding colours on those staple items will make smaller changes much easier in the future.

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