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5 ways to create more storage space in a small house

November 21, 2019

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It’s easy to think that the amount of storage space in your home is something over which you have little control, especially if you live in a tiny house. Perhaps you originally chose that residence more on account of its low price rather than its small size, leaving you now lumbered with little free space. 

However, there is still a mercifully wide array of “hacks” you can utilise to maximise what space you do have, letting you store items securely without them posing as trip hazards. 

Fit more stuff into your hallway

The storage potential in hallways is often overlooked. After all, your own home’s hallway is likely to be especially narrow, perhaps leaving you wondering how you are supposed to squeeze extra items in edgeways. However, Real Homes cites creative solutions such as storage benches

Those benches can do double duty by giving you somewhere to sit as you put on shoes. Meanwhile, adding shelf units in that hallway can save you from sacrificing precious floor space. 

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The storage, not the writing, is on the wall

It’s a subject we’ve already started touching upon, but it certainly warrants elaboration. Consider how, on the walls of your kitchen, you could install shelves and cabinets – and, in other rooms that might more easily allow it, floor-to-ceiling shelving and cupboard space. 

Ideal Home shows a photo of how this could work in practice, adding that you could store plentiful books or records while also giving the wall a welcome splash of colour.

Convert your home’s loft

Right now, you probably just treat your loft as an empty, useless chasm between your home’s roof and its main space, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Through converting it, you could potentially add as much as 50% extra floor space to your humble abode. 

Through utilising the award-winning loft boarding service from Instaloft, it’s also possible to reduce your home’s heat loss, enhance insulation and even increase the property’s overall value.

Make the most of space underneath the stairs

Even if your home is small, if it has stairs, there has to be something underneath them. If that something is currently going underutilised, you could open it up before proceeding to attach clips and hooks, providing you with a means of hanging up valuable tools.

If there’s sufficient space beneath those, you could also roll a well-supplied trolley or bucket, complete with cleaning equipment and supplies, into it.

Add baskets and trolleys for ready use

Loosely arranged containers like baskets and trolleys can have a strange effect on your perception of space. Compared to heavier and more permanent additions like benches and cupboards, they look easier to shift – and, therefore, don’t so much look as though they are hogging the space.

Therefore, you might want to arrange labelled baskets to segment particular types of items, while a trolley can be easily manoeuvred as and when you need it out of the way. Baskets and trolleys can also have the benefit of looking cute rather than boring.

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