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9 Family-friendly recipes using ham

October 23, 2021

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Whether it is quick and easy breakfast options, lovely lunches or healthy evening meals, here are nine recipes using ham that I am sure you will love.

Finding quick and easy meals that the whole family will love can often be a challenge. Especially during the week with school routines, after-school clubs and sporting activities, not to mention your own commitments and things that need to be done. Finding versatile meal options that are healthy often feels overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Meal planning and using ingredients that you normally have, or that the family seem to enjoy is a great way to help you get more organised. 

Recipes using ham - Ham, Egg, and Cheese Brunch Bake
Ham, egg and cheese brunch bake

Ham is one of those ingredients that most people love, especially children. So incorporating that as the main aspect of your meals can help you to create healthy meal options that the whole family will enjoy. I have found a selection of nine recipes using ham. They are all versatile and easy to use, and some will allow you to substitute ingredients for things you have in the cupboard, or enable you to add a few extra things that might be lurking in the fridge and need to be used up. So whether it is quick and easy breakfast options, lovely lunches or healthy evening meals, here are nine recipes using ham that I am sure you will love.

Family-friendly recipes using ham

What you will find with these recipes is that in some cases they can be made ahead of time, which is a big time-saver for people who struggle to cook from scratch at mealtimes. They can also be made in bulk for other lunches and meals in the future, or be adaptable to suit what ingredients you have. They are fast to make and easy to prepare.

You will likely find that once you create one of these recipes that you adapt it to suit your taste buds and add some extra vegetables or other ingredients that you see fit, making them your own adaptations. This is the beauty of meal planning and finding recipes that you can rely on time and time again. 

So there you have it, nine recipes using ham. Whether you create the ham egg cups for lunch boxes, embrace the brunch bake for a lazy weekend breakfast, or devour the pasta dish a few times a week, I hope you have enjoyed these recipes that I have shared. Let me know in the comments which one you enjoyed the most and also let me know some of your favourite recipes using ham. 

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