Julian Charles Rainbow Bedding

Creating a magical rainbow bedroom without decorating

February 14, 2022

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Rainbow bedroom themes are often a big choice of decoration for children’s bedrooms, and while it is a lovely way to decorate, you don’t know how long they will want that sort of decoration before the next big thing comes along.

Children always seem to have new phases and things that they are into, and it can feel impossible to keep up with their latest interests and reflect each one in their bedrooms. Decorating a room not only costs money, but it also means you need to invest time and effort, as well as the upheaval it can cause. So how can you make sure you reflect your child’s interests without decorating? There are some simple ways you can achieve a rainbow bedroom without decorating… 

7 Ways to achieve a rainbow bedroom without decorating

Julian Charles Rainbow Bedding

Rainbow themed bedding 

One of the big things you can do is change the bedding. As the bed is such a big focus, this is one of the easiest ways to reflect their latest interest and passion. You can pick up some great kids bedding sets online that can reflect anything from rainbows to starry night skies. If you keep the walls neutral, then sometimes the bed can do all of the talking when it comes to changing how a bedroom looks. It is also a change that can be reasonably priced as well so it is a win-win.

Another way to upgrade your child’s bedroom is by considering a captain’s bed with storage. This type of bed provides a comfortable sleeping space and offers built-in storage solutions to keep the room organized and clutter-free. With drawers or shelves underneath, you can easily store extra bedding, toys, or clothes, maximizing the space in the room. 

Cushions and bed accessories 

Alongside the bedding, you could also add some cushions and bed accessories to the bed itself. This is another fun way to reaffirm the theme you are going for. So if you were hoping to create a rainbow bedroom, then rainbow cushions or cushions in the colours of the rainbow can be an option to consider. You can pick up some gorgeous cushions and bed throws these days, that will just help you to create the look you are going for without the need to redecorate the walls or bedroom fully. 

Julian Charles Rainbow Cushion

Prints on the walls

Another great thing to consider is making some changes to the walls. The great thing about this is there is no paint in sight. This is because you can buy prints online and frame them to reflect what your child is loving right now. So if it is rainbows, then buying rainbow prints on websites online is simple and very effective. You could create a feature wall with prints you have found, and also pictures of your child in different coloured outfits to reflect the colours of the rainbow. 

Wall decals 

Pints are great, but you can also pick up some great wall decals these days that can really transform a space. You could look at doing this on one wall or on all of them. You could buy small decals that you can space out, such as different sized rainbows, or your focus one big rainbow decal that you out behind the bed. If it isn’t rainbows you are looking for, wall decals are still an option. You can get football-themed ones, superheroes, and even movie scenes. There is so much to choose from and once they have gotten bored of it you can peel them off and start again. 

Soft toys

What child doesn’t love a soft toy? Soft toys are by far the simplest way to transform a child’s bedroom. You can showcase teddys and soft toys on the bed, or even utilise a shelf or windowsill and display them there as well. Some people even have those nets that stick to the wall and you could fill them with all of the soft toys. Colour coordinating in the colours of the rainbow or just finding some great rainbow-inspired options. Again this will work with any theme for your child as soft toys can often be an easy way to implement a theme. 

Julian Charles Rainbow Bedding - Piglet

Accessories you put on display

Sometimes you just want to display things on windowsills and shelves, and finding accessories that match the theme can be a simple way to do that. Whether it is a porcelain ornament or a photo frame, you can easily find accessories online that will match up to the theme you are trying to create. Again, these can be used, and then taken away and replaced when you want to change things up a little. 

Colour coordinate the books 

Finally, a simple way to add another dimension to a rainbow theme is to colour coordinate the books. Many children have an array of books, so spend time putting together all the reds, the blues, yellows, etc, and then add them back on the shelf in the order of the rainbow. You can even do this in any room with any theme. Put all the colours together that work and then display them accordingly. A simple but effective way to implement a theme into your child’s bedroom. 

Hopefully, these tips and suggestions will help to create a magical rainbow bedroom without decorating. Thankfully, these tips can also be considered with any other theme as well.

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