The Importance of Checking Your Water Pressure

October 21, 2021

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Water pressure is probably something most of us take for granted – we expect to turn on our taps and have free-flowing water at a moment’s notice and it’s usually only if there’s a problem that we look into it.

To turn on a tap in your home and find just a trickle of water can mean either the water pressure is very weak and low but it can also mean that the water pressure has been too high, meaning that leaks have been caused in the pipes after they’ve not been used to the high pressure.

Nowadays, there are many solutions available for fixing issues with water pressure, meaning that it can be quite easy to keep the pipes and drains in your home in good working order.

The Importance of Checking Your Water Pressure

One such solution we’re fortunate to have access to is DAB pumps in the UK. These pumps will help automatically adjust the flow, according to demand, in order to provide the property with a constant water pressure. This, in turn, will maximise the efficiency, without sudden surges that cause cost spikes, and could even save you 50% on your bills, compared to traditional solutions.

Water pressure is something that should be taken seriously all year round, but during winter months you need to be particularly vigilant about monitoring it as this will reduce the chances of having cracked pipes as a result of them freezing up. Checking the level of your water pressure will give you a good indication as to whether there are any issues with it and, therefore, how healthy your pipes are during the winter season.

If you are noticing water pressure issues, it may be worth running a few simple tests to rule out any bigger problems.

First, you can run a simple test yourself to see if there is an issue with water pressure in your home. Simply place a one litre measuring jug under your tap or shower and turn it on, if it takes longer than six seconds to fill the jug then you have determined that you have low water pressure in your home.

The Importance of Checking Your Water Pressure

It’s also worth contacting your neighbours to see if they are having any issues, if they are then you know the issues are more likely as a result of wider problems and you can inform the water board.

Another thing to try is dealing with any mineral deposit build up in your pipes. This is especially worth checking if you are in an area with hard water as this is more likely to leave mineral deposits behind that will get stuck in your pipes and, over time, will reduce the diameter of your pipes, meaning a reduction in your water pressure.

While there can be situations where you will need to replace sections of your pipes if the build up has been very bad, it is worth dissolving the deposits left around the exit points of taps and shower heads. A simple way of doing this is to get a plastic bag filled with vinegar, attach this to the exit point with an elastic band and then wait overnight for it to soak. This will get rid of any clogs at the exit but if this doesn’t seem to help, you may have a more severe clog of mineral deposits inside your pipes and you may need to call a qualified plumber to take a look.

There are many simple solutions to try, as well as fantastic products to help fix water pressure issues today, meaning that keeping your pipes and drains in good working order has never been easier.

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