Tips for Mums to Stay Healthy and Sharp

August 20, 2019

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Motherhood takes its toll on us at times. We don’t always feel as healthy and sharp as we once did. Our heads are swimming with “to do” lists and playdates on the calendar, while we fuel ourselves with leftover chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese left on Junior’s plate after lunch. This is not necessarily what we envisioned when we signed up for the Supermum scenario.

The following tips are for you—-just for you—to regain the good health and inner strength that we know you have. You wouldn’t be a mother without it. Follow these action steps to uncover a vibrant and dynamic mother we know you can be:

Make time for yourself now and then

It’s understandable that you want to spend as much time with your children as possible, but it’s not necessarily good for you or for them. They need to know they can exist without you, and vice versa. You need to know how to stop being busy, so go for a walk, take a thirty-minute break to read one of your favourite books, call up a girlfriend and go out for coffee. You’ll come back to the kids recharged and ready to give your best once more.

Make time for your spouse

Part of a well-rounded life is creating quality relationships, and one of the most important relationships in your life is the one with your spouse. The two of you need to regularly reconnect and share pieces of your lives in order to feel as if you are invested in your relationship; celebrate successes together at the end of a long day, or lean on each other for support when times get tough. Even ten-minute conversations here and there are better than nothing. Prioritize the love that helped you create your family in the first place, and you’ll all be happier.

Have a glass of wine!

Nothing is quite as relaxing at the end of a long day than a glass of wine and some time to reflect. If you find that one glass simply won’t do and you’d like to indulge a bit more, make sure you’re aware of wine hangover tips to get you ready and raring to go for the next morning. After all, those kids won’t stop; you need to be well-equipped to handle the day. Practising these strategies and being patient with your children will help you to all peacefully coexist when Mummy isn’t feeling her best.

Learn the fine art of balance

Whether you are a working mum or a stay-at-home mum, you have several jobs. Taking care of the kids, running a household, and balancing a career are all full-time gigs; who are we kidding? Learn the fine art of balance, and learn to prioritize what must be done, as well as to let go of what doesn’t need to happen right now. Do those shrubs really need to be trimmed this instant? Can the dishes wait while you put the kids to bed with extra snuggles? See the gifts in your ability to do all of this wonderful work, and let go of what you can’t handle at the moment. It will all get taken care of in time.

A pair of glasses on a table, with Wine and Book

Practice the fine art of self-care

In order to be a rockstar mum, you need to practice rockstar self-care. Eating well, exercising, making medical appointments when necessary, and letting the kids see you take care of yourself is a gift to them; you are modelling the art of caring for and loving yourself; teaching the children to do this by showing them that it should be prioritized. In taking care of yourself, you’ll have more to give to others. Don’t feel as if you’re being selfish; think of it as making a deposit into an energy bank that you can draw from later to take care of other things. You deserve it!

Cultivate personal interests

Quite often, we mums get lost in the minutia of taking care of everyone else, and we forget to cultivate our own passions and interests. This could be a recipe for anger and resentment later on when it seems as if everyone else is fulfilling their dreams and you’re sitting on the sidelines. Don’t forget those goals you have simmering on the back burner–it’s never too late, and you’re never too busy to go out and achieve them! Go get ’em, tiger mama!

You can do it all!

Women are wonderful creatures; we are born with capabilities and capacities that most only dream about. It is possible to have the health, mental wellness, relationships, family and career goals that you dream of; all it takes is a commitment to yourself while you maintain your role as Supermum.

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