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7 Important Life Skills for Teens

September 24, 2020

Raising a child can have you question yourself in many instances. You might often wonder whether you’re doing things the right way, and that concern amplifies, even more, when you when your kid has grown up into a teen. Here’s helping you a bit with that.

Keep reading to discover 7 important life skills for teens that you need to know and teach your teen before he steps out into the real world on his own. 

Essential Domestic Skills

Children need to be taught basic domestic skills as a part of growing up- doing the laundry, cleaning a room, handling small appliances etc. Parents may be tempted to let their teen get away with these, but it is actually a very foolish thing to do. Getting your teen to learn to tackle basic household work on their own actually makes them more independent and in a way, confident too. 

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Emotional Regulation

A lot of parents tend to ignore this rather crucial aspect of growth in their teens. Every individual must know how to make sense of their emotions, manage them and regulate them. Your teen must ideally know how to express his feelings, and at the same time, understand when to display an appropriate response. He must also learn how to cope well with negative emotions and thoughts, and not let them overwhelm him. 

Goal Planning & Motivation

Another important life skills for teens you need to teach is how to set goals and keep himself motivated to achieve those goals. If your teen finds himself stuck and lost about what to do, encourage him to try different activities and make the most constructive use of his time to find what excites him! Push him to pursue what interests him, and educate him about the essence of hard work. 

Basic Cooking

By the time your kid is a teen, he should know how to whip up a few quick meals in case he’s ever-hungry and you’re not at home. Focus on helping him learn just a few simple foods- sandwiches, pasta and soups. Also educate him on the importance of healthy eating and how eating more home-cooked meals as opposed to takeouts is good for not just him, but for his wallet too! This is one of the most important life skills for teens.

Social Skills

Social skills are again, a crucial part of growing up. Your teen needs to learn how to be a part of a group and work together with people, and at the same time, have his own opinion as well. He must have good conflict resolution skills and should be able to communicate his thoughts and feelings effectively in social settings. A good way to ensure your teen is able to do this is to encourage him to take part in more extracurricular activities. 

Money Management & Budgeting

Financial skills are again, one of the most important life skills for teens. Your teen needs to know how to create a budget, stick to it, save his money, spend wisely, and know when to spend and to control his impulses. Educate him on the dangers of credit card debt and teach him about taxes and loans.

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Dealing with Emergencies

Last, but definitely not the least, teach your teen how to deal with all kinds of emergencies ranging from a house fire to a natural disaster. Educate your teen about what to do when the power is out- the kids of the current generation need this even more since they’re so used to having technology at their disposal. Teach your teen to be ready for anything, and encourage him to learn some self-defence skills to protect himself when he’s in trouble. 

Raising children can be tough, but raising teens is even more! Here’s helping you survive it all! Click here to discover some super survival tips you need to know as a parent when raising teens.

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