Party bag planning? Try buying in bulk

August 20, 2019

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Kids love birthday parties. What is not to love? There are friends and cake and ice cream and fun games. What child wouldn’t love getting an invitation to a friend’s birthday party? As the birthday child, you want your friends to love your birthday party. What happens at the end of a party? Gift bags, party bags, goodie bags. Whatever you call them, it is a fun surprise for the kids who are ready to leave. 

As the parent, however, birthday parties are expensive. There are the foods, the decorations, the preparation, and the cleanup. However, I have heard more parents fret over the goodie bags. The party bags can be harder than you would think. There is the cost and even worse, what to put in them. Many things are cheap and break as soon as the kids get them. Others are useless. No one wants to put money out for things that the kids are not going to like or use. Especially the amount of money it costs to fill the bags. The key to getting fun party bag goodies is to buy in bulk.

A birthday cake with lit candles

fun party bag fillers bought in bulk

It is always cheaper to buy things in bulk. Sometimes it can be hard to find a great party bag goodie that you can find in bulk. Try these fun party bag fillers from The Card & Party Store.

Bubbles – I don’t think I have ever met a child that didn’t love bubbles. Even many adults love bubbles. Get these bubbles for the party bags and it is going to be a hit. Available in multiple colours, these touchable bubbles are a must buy.

Activity books – Activity packs are also another well-loved goodie. It is also a way to keep them entertained. Parents will love kids getting this activity book as well. These come in a 3 pack for about the price you would pay for one at the store. 

Colouring pencils – What is an activity book without coloured pencils. I know my kids will choose coloured pencils or crayons over most things. These pencils are perfect with the activity books. Featuring 12 half-sized colour pencils, these are perfect for a goodie bag. 

Bouncy balls – Bouncy balls are great for so many things. You can put them in the gift bags, but you can also make a party game out of it. These bouncy balls come 100 to a pack. See who can get their balls into a bucket or hit a target. See who can bounce the ball the highest. The possibilities are endless.

Footballs – Much like the bouncy balls, these footballs make an excellent party gift bag option but it can also be used as a party game. With 24 balls to a pack, it is easy to create games and fun ideas with the footballs. You will, however, have to inflate the balls when you get them. 

When these items in your goodie bag, you are going to have the best party bags ever without spending a fortune. All you need to do now is add a slice of cake!

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