Best Gadgets for Summer Fun Outdoors

August 20, 2019

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While the warm weather is still here, possibly for several more months in some areas, kids need to get outside and exercise. When kids get in the habit of sitting around indoors, they become lazy. Heading outside to play with gadgets and toys that stimulate their creative and athletic side is the perfect way for them to develop properly. Let’s take a look at some of the items that are commonly used for activities below.


Every kid needs a bike. A bike for kids is like a car for adults. They have unlimited access to the entire neighbourhood when they get on that bike and pedal. They also get their first taste for the thrill of speed and quickly build balance and coordination skills. Investing in a quality bike with a smooth ride is essential if you want them to enjoy biking. Poorly designed bikes that are clumsy, off-balance, and a chore to pedal can give them a bad impression about bikes and make them feel bored and unhappy with biking.


The traditional skateboards come in a variety of styles. However, if you want your older teenage child to really enjoy skateboarding, purchase one of the more expensive professional models. The biggest difference is in the wheel bearings and design of the board itself. Modern electric skateboards are another option to consider. These powered skateboards are great for beginners as well as seasoned enthusiasts. Just make sure your kid wears a helmet and pads when riding one.

A man riding a skateboard


The traditional scooter resembles a bike in certain ways. It has the handlebars and cable brake levers at the handgrips like a bicycle. The difference is that it has a low platform for kids to push off using one foot instead of pedalling along with both feet. Scooters are lightweight and provide a fun alternative to biking. They still teach kids how to balance properly but don’t require them to coast for long ranges, which makes them better for rolling up and down the block.


Frisbee is still a favourite with adults and kids in the summertime. Nowadays, there are many types of frisbees. Players can use an aero disc that is designed to fly even and straight, no matter how you throw it. They can also use traditional frisbees and play games like disc golf, which has rules that are similar to traditional golf. Some players can get really good by developing a good flick of the wrist and learning some tricks.


While radio-controlled cars were once the big things for kids, many are now flying drones. They like being able to program the flights and to record live video footage. They can even produce videos to post online. Drones have taken summertime activities to a whole new level because kids have a world of technology to explore. This is a great activity for developing their interest in engineering, mechanics, aircraft, and technology.


No matter what toys, gadgets, or summertime sporting equipment you decide to buy for your kids, always ensure that it is good quality. Poorly manufactured equipment can take the joy out of the activity and can find itself sitting around and gathering dust.

It is always better to invest in something that they will be proud to use and that they enjoy playing with if you want to develop various skills and interests. And because there are so many toys, gadgets, sporting goods out there, the toughest part is letting the kids decide what they want.

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