Monthly Goals - October

Monthly Goals | October 2021

September 29, 2021

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I knew ahead of time that September would be a busy month when I came to set my monthly goals; however, I still managed to underestimate just how much I would be playing catch up all month. Although I feel as though I have been time poor this past month. I have managed to squeeze in last-minute fun with the children at the end of the school holidays, reality hitting with the back to school routine plus a sneaky term-time holiday to Butlins – all in between my day job, blogging and everyday family life. I can’t complain, it makes for some wonderful memories.

How did I get on with last months goals?

As I planned for September’s monthly goals I approached it in a way most people approach the New Year – a fresh start. Utilising the new school year as the kick start I need to get things completed and achieved. With a much busier month than I anticipated, I have managed everything but I’m on the right path.

The Road to Recovery and Rehabilitation

After the fantastic news from Roo’s Orthopaedic consultant that she wouldn’t require surgery on her knee injury we braced (no pun intended) ourselves for what the physio team would say and the plan for the coming weeks/months of rehab to get her back to her active lifestyle. Reluctant to push past comfortable limits meant that it was a low start to physio, however, Roo soon realised that the more she completed the exercises the easier it became. Time spent in the swimming pool at Butlins helped relax her muscles and we can see just how far she has come this month. As well as being given the OK to start doing PE and her performing arts lessons again.

Further Training?

Being still relatively new to my NHS role (starting back in April) I approached my appraisal hoping to do the minimal amount of additional training. Although I feel as though I can easily stand on my own two feet work-wise, I don’t feel as though I have found an area that engages me to want to do additional training for it to become a specialism. I did, however, sign up for some of the wellbeing sessions that my trust is hosting to ensure we are all doing OK and supported throughout the pandemic and working from home.

Top Blog Coaching

Life is a continuous learning curve and despite being a blogger for 10 years there is still so much that I need to learn. Signing up to Top Blog Coaching Hobby to Heyday a few months ago has already lead me to make changes behind the scenes. Although I’d hoped to take time this month to watch their webinars and previous live videos to catch up with everything. Sadly, this fell to the bottom of my to-do list and remains there rolling over to October.

Monthly Goals - October 2021

My plans and goals for October

With us all back into our school/work schedules October’s monthly goals are all going to be centred around the home organisation – mainly around the house in preparation for the birthday and Christmas season.

Toy Clutter

Piglet is still very much in the age group where toys feature heavily during her playing time at home. Every time I look in her bedroom or the corner of the lounge it feels as though they are multiplying. It’s been quite a while since I went through her IKEA Kallax storage unit to remove toys she no longer plays with, has outgrown or are broken. Hoping to make some space for the next influx of toys heading her way on her November birthday and Christmas.

Garden Storage

As lockdown started last year we updated various parts of our garden, including a children’s play area. With the addition of Keter Garden Storage Units, perfect for holding unsightly wheelie bins as well as storage for bikes, scooters and garden toys. However, everything looks as though it has just been dumped inside and every time I go to pull something out I curse. So now is the time to get things organised and put away for the winter so that things are in good condition for spring.

Facebook Marketplace

Having rearranged several of the rooms in our home this year, there are few items that we no longer have use for. I’m hoping to get some photos taken and added to Facebook Marketplace to clear additional space before the festive season descends on us.

What monthly goals are you setting for the month ahead?

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