Monthly Goals - September

Monthly Goals | September 2021

August 31, 2021

As quickly as the school summer holidays came, they are once again almost over for another year. With the weather changing every day, we have had days where it has been hot and muggy, days that have been so wet it could have easily flooded. Along with days where the wind was so cold and bitter that I longed for my collection of Joules scarves. But on the whole, it’s been a lovely month to reconnect as a family – something I really needed after the upsets and harsh words received in July.

How did I get on with last months goals?

It’s always hard to plan monthly goals for August as I never know how much time will be available around having the children home. Life in lockdown allowed us the chance to enjoy our time at home and in turn make us more accustomed to filling our days around each other and the house/garden. The monthly goals I planned for August focused mainly on life as a family and being a mother. With one goal focusing on getting my blog life organised once again.

Family Adventures

Having made plans to visit attractions and activities within East Anglia this summer it was wonderful once again to play tourist in Norfolk. Especially Great Yarmouth, as it was where I used to visit on family holidays before I moved to Norfolk as a teenager. We’ve enjoyed a mixture of days out, days chilling at home etc. around Roo’s volunteering days at a summer camp for disabled children and of course, mine and What The Dad Said’s work shifts.

Truth be told, I’m sad to see the children go back to school in September – even though I know that I would never be able to offer them homeschooling as an alternative option to attending school. Something I already knew but lockdown certainly cemented the reality.

Preparing For Back to School

Determined to be organised and have everything prepped ahead of the last days of the summer holidays. I made lists for each of the children, highlighting exactly what school uniform and accessories they needed. Managing to get the back to school uniform essentials from the supermarket. Whilst ensuring that their shoes were practical, hardwearing and up to the task for each child. Piglet requires schools shoes for an active child due to her hypermobility and frequent falls – thank goodness for toe protection, although it would be lovely to see this available on more ‘girls’ shoes.

Empty Inbox

As I made my to-do lists this month I took the time to ensure that the emails in my inbox were all labelled correctly. To highlight whether campaigns were waiting for photos, reviews/content or awaiting additional actions etc. Alongside making my inbox look colourful, it did allow me to complete some tasks in blocks rather than jumping from one thing to another. Relying on my Virtual Assistant to go through the unlabelled emails and respond on my behalf with live links, questions and ‘thanks but no thanks’ emails to those that were inappropriate.

Now as I write this post at the end of the month I have to say that my inbox is looking so much better than it ever did before. I just need to continue the actions I have done this month so it doesn’t fall into disarray again.

Monthly Goals - September 2021

My plans and Monthly goals for September

In many ways, I always look at September as the beginning of the year, more so than January. Aligning with the new school year, we start to plan birthdays and Christmas as well as readjusting to school runs, after school activities and this year my role back in the NHS. Let’s take a look at the monthly goals I’m setting for September…

The Road to Recovery and Rehabilitation 

After finally speaking with Roo’s orthopaedic consultant we have been given the news that she won’t be requiring any surgery on her knee (yay!). Having injured her knee back at the beginning of June she has bruised the bone and has residual pain from the injury. Now is the time for her to embrace physio and follow the road to recovery and rehabilitation. Not something that is going to be easy for her, however, one that will enable her to return as much as possible to her previously active lifestyle.

Further Training?

For the first time in around six years, I am due to have an appraisal for my new role back in the NHS. One of the questions I need to think about ahead of time is what training courses I would like to attend over the next year. As well as looking at my work/career goals. Truth be told, I don’t have a clue. At the moment I’m content with signing in three days a week and completing all the required tasks. I don’t have any aspirations for the future so I need to think about which areas of my job I’d like to explore in greater depth.

Top Blog Coaching

Following hot on the heels of my continuing alt image tags goal and cleaning/organising my inbox. This coming month I’d like to focus on some of the Top Blog Coaching Hobby to Heyday webinars that have been sitting to one side patiently waiting for me to set aside some time to watch, action and change up the way I do things. Life is a continuous lesson; blogging is just the same, whilst I may be 10 years down the line it doesn’t mean that I know everything – far from it in fact.

What monthly goals are you setting yourself for September?

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