Monthly Goals | March 2020

February 29, 2020

I do love a to-do list or any kind of list for that matter. Admittedly I don’t always get to cross off everything that is added to my list. Part of the thought process for my lists is brain dumps written down so they appear more manageable. Much better than the 100 things (and then some) rolling around my head.

How did I get on with last months goals?

As I approached February, my monthly goals were very much wellbeing focused. Knowing that I had a busy month ahead I hoped to ensure I made the time to look after the different areas of my life.

  • Wellbeing on the go – As predicated my month was full of journeys. With a few additional ones that I hadn’t planned for, This time I made the conscious effort to have a drink with me at all times to head off any dehydration symptoms. As well as stopping to eat a meal rather than grabbing a snack to get me through.
  • Family-focused – The half-term holidays have allowed me to reconnect with family and friends. Although with roo being away on a school ski trip I do feel as though I haven’t spent much quality time with her this month.
  • Out with the old – I’ve not quite managed to sort through all the things I had hoped to do. Although I did clean, tidy and rearrange Roo’s bedroom whilst she was away. With it looking much brighter and fresher in there now.
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My plans and goals for March

The month ahead I am looking to focus on my blog. Both the front end that you all see and read, As well as the back end of SEO, coding and organisation that all goes into running a blog behind the scenes.

SEO assessment

When I started blogging back in 2011, it was that wonderful naive time of writing, possibly adding an image and publishing. A lot more goes into publishing a post nowadays so I’ve booked an SEO assessment to see what tasks I need to work on and processes I need to put in place.

Blog branding

My current design, theme and colourways have been the same for a number of years. Whilst I do still like my blog ‘branding’ I do feel as though it could do with a bit of an update.

Instagram – love or hate?

Last year I put a large amount of effort into my Instagram account. If I’m honest I did not see the return that I’d hoped for and subsequently I have fallen out of love with the platform. Not to mention the negativity that I see on accounts daily, some of which I have seen directed at myself for some of the campaigns that I have previously worked on. Anyway, I need to decide what I am doing with Instagram and whether or not I can regain my love for the channel.

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