Monthly Goals February 2022

Monthly Goals | February 2022

January 30, 2022

Each month I highlight my monthly goals, partly to make myself accountable for the plans, tasks and goals that I include. But also in the hope that it inspires you to make a little list of monthly goals that you’d like to achieve for the month ahead. Helping you realise that you achieve more than you possibly give yourself credit for.

January often feels like a long month that drags on and on, so I’m thankful that I set monthly goals to focus my mind on something other than the January blues. Waving goodbye to the festive season, recovery going slowly and What The Dad Said breaking his toe have thrown spanners in the works. But I’ve made it to the end of the month and it’s time to reflect on the monthly goals I set for January.

How did I get on with last months goals?

Between the New Year bells ringing, the children returning to school and everyday life I’ve felt somewhat overwhelmed this month. Taking the opportunity to focus on my monthly goals in order to get out of my head and be more productive than I have actually felt.

Home: Piglet’s Bedroom

Over the course of the latter part of last year, I began to think about Pigelt’s bedroom. As the youngest child, she has defaulted to having the smallest bedroom. One that has seen many furniture changes over the years but the larger decoration has remained the same as the day we moved in.

Initially, I thought about painting a feature wall and adding accessories. However, Photowall reached out to me regarding an opportunity to add one of their wall murals to our home. As soon as I came across the Animal Community III wall mural I just knew that she would love it. Thanks to two wonderful friends who came over and put it up for me – so much easier than I had anticipated and something we would consider for other areas in the home.

Photowall 25% Discount Code: littleboo25 – valid until 8th April 2022

Alongside the addition of the wall mural, we have added new bedding and switched around her furniture to make it more user friendly for her. It’s still not 100% as I’d like to put up some IKEA shelves and showcase prints that I have printed off for her but it’s certainly looking more like her personality.

Family: Travel Bucket List

With the decision made not to renew our Merlin Annual Passes this year due to the initial upfront cost, we sat down with the children to talk about places they’d like to visit. Making a family travel bucket list for the year filled with days out, holidays and places we’d like to explore. I’m excited to make as many things a reality as possible.

Work: Blog SEO

This is a goal that will be an ongoing task for the foreseeable future. Sadly, when I started my blog many moons ago, I’d never heard of SEO, nowadays there is so much more work that goes into publishing a blog post. Working through my backlog of posts to check that I’ve ticked all the SEO boxes (so to speak). Something that I need to complete on both here and A Few Favourite Things. Opting to tackle the smaller number of posts, I have started over on A Few Favourite Things, managing to tick a large percentage of them into the category – Yay!!

Monthly Goals - Planner. pencil and mug on a blanket

My plans and monthly goals for February

Whoever it was that set up the months of the year, obviously realised that January felt like a long month so purposely put a short month to follow it. Allowing us to feel like we are winning at life once again. Alongside it being a shorter month, we also have a half-term holiday to contend with so planning monthly goals takes some additional consideration.

Home: The Cupboard Doom

That dreaded cupboard under the stairs that always starts off organised but slowly becomes the dumping ground for anything and everything. I really need to tackle the cupboard of doom, clear out the outgrown items, unused items and be reacquainted with things that I’d thought I’d lost – if I don’t update next month, then please send help as I may be lost in the chaos.

Family: Half-Term Family Adventures

Between the festive season, winter weather and family health issues it feels like an age since we loaded up the car and headed out on family adventures. Both me and What The Dad Said are off work during the half-term so I want to make the most of the time with the children. But where to go??

Work: Resizing images

When I moved blog hosts last year I saw just how much server space my blog images were utilising across my sites. Whilst I attempt to resize images before I upload them, it isn’t something I do with every image. Needless to say, I need to go through my media library and resize/compress my blog images to reduce my site size and possibly increase the speed of loading for you, my readers.

Do you have any monthly goals set for February?

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