Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals | December 2020

November 28, 2020

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At the beginning of the year, I decided to start focusing on monthly goals. Sharing them on here as an opportunity to inspire you to set your own goals. As well as a way to make myself accountable for them. It can be easy to think ‘this month I’ll do XYZ’, however, I have found that writing them down has made me remember them throughout the month and work towards the chance to achieve them. I don’t always succeed but at least I am trying.

How did I get on with last months goals?

I knew ahead of time that November would be a busy month for us as a family. So when I sat down to think about my monthly goals I planned them in accordance with the celebrations and workload I had scheduled. Let’s that a look at how I got on…


All three children have celebrated their birthdays this month. With them all falling during the lockdown 2.0 restrictions which meant that our usual plans went out of the window. However, they managed to enjoy their birthdays with gifts, cards and cake. Even able to see their friends at school unlike those who had birthdays falling in the first lockdown wave of restrictions.

Making a list and checking it twice

With money tight this year we have been purchasing gifts for the children, family and friends as we go rather than all in one go. I managed to organised all of these gifts this month so I know where they are all stored. I just need to make a start on the wrapping, so as soon as the decorations come in from the garage I can get on with this task.

Christmas content calendar

This is a fail on my behalf, good intentions that I have managed to put into action. Busy ticking things off my to-do list and ensuring emails etc. are up to date before I started my new job has meant that I’ve not looked into scheduling shares of my previous Christmas content.

Monthly Goals

My plans and goals for December

Just like every other household up and down the country December is a busy month. Full of festivities, planning and fun. I have the added bonus of several family birthdays celebrated across the month, including my own. With this in mind, these are my monthly goals for December.

Work/life balance

Originally when I thought about reassessing my work/life balance I thought that I would be spending the majority of the month adjusting to night shifts. However, as I managed to crash and burn out of my new role in just two days (oh how I feel like a failure) I’m not necessarily concerned with that. Although I do need to take a look at the hours I am putting into my blog, making sure that I am making the most of the time whilst the children are at school so that I can be a present parent when they are home.

Family Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, from the decorations, wrapping gifts and spending time as a family. Although we will be once again apart from friends and family, I hope to make it special for the children and create some magical memories.

Switching off

Given that December is a busy month with all the festivities I am looking to spend some time away from my blog, social media and my phone. Embracing time with my family, festive films/TV and indulging in reading my Kindle. My corner of the internet can survive without me for a week or two.

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