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Christmas, New PJ’s and Happy Birthday To Me! #LittleLoves

December 31, 2021

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Each month I share my #littleloves, a chance to reflect on the things that I have read, watched, heard and made. As well as highlighting what I’ve worn and any other highlights in my life. It’s not about the big things, it’s about all those small little loves that make up everyday life.

This month’s #LittleLoves… It’ time to wave a fond farewell to the festive season and the final month of 2021. December always seems to pass by in a blur of school Christmas activities, family fun and, of course, Christmas. This year we’ve had a couple of other things thrown into the mix meaning that some plans had to be brought forward, whilst others have been postponed or cancelled. Hopes for a more ‘normal’ Christmas after last years life in lockdown Christmas were scuppered somewhat but actually, in many ways, we had a much more laid back celebration.

Time for December’s #LittleLoves…

#LittleLoves December Christmas 2021 - Pink Gonk


Would it be Christmas if I didn’t make my way through the festive reads on my TBR (to be read) list? Having postponed many of the titles in order to enjoy whilst the lights were twinkling on the Christmas tree and the winter weather was turning miserable outside. I’ve been quite envious of all the beautiful white Christmases that I have read about, loving the idea of a future trip to a log cabin in Montana for the festive season.

Having some unexpected downtime this month has enabled me to read more often than I would normally. It’s going to be hard to put my Kindle Paperwhite down in the New Year and return to reality.


Festive re-runs have been the main focus of my festive viewing alongside family Christmas movies with the children. Lots of laughs from watching The Royale Family, Gavin & Stacey and Top Gear specials. I heard someone joke about the TV basically being a re-run of 1982, but as someone who doesn’t watch many shows, I was more than happy with the ones I tuned in for. Although I desperately need an update on Gavin & Stacey, will Smithy say yes to Nessa??


Not necessarily a #LittleLoves or a cheery topic but I couldn’t not mention the coronavirus updates. A new variant ripping through the nation and causing another wave of uncertainty. With working from home once again on the cards for my day job. Having only just moved into our new office, it is disappointing not to be able to be together again – but obviously much safer to be at home for the time being.

Moving onto a more cheerful note, it has been lovely to see or should I say hear the children playing together. Sharing their toys and games as well as listening to their competitive sides as we had some family festive fun playing board games.


My first thought during December is to talk about wearing new PJ’s as obviously we all found new ones underneath the Christmas tree. You can never have too many pyjamas – right?

Although new PJ’s are obviously a highlight they aren’t exactly suitable for wearing whilst Christmas shopping etc. This is why I have to mention our Christmas jumpers that we’ve made the most of this month. From personalised Mickey Mouse Christmas jumpers and great conversation start typography style Christmas wear from Kinder Kids Graphic Art.


Alongside the many, many lists, Christmas present buying (and wrapping) and 101 other things that require attention during December, It is also a month for making memories. We never made it to Santa’s Grotto but we did squeeze in a trip ‘UP NORTH‘ to see my mam and my brother. Roo performed in her school’s Mary Poppins production. Whilst Tigger and Piglet enjoyed school festivities before the earlier than planned Christmas break.


Another year around the sun and it has been quite the year. Many highs and lows, but that is all part and parcel of life. A quiet day at home surrounded by my favourite people. Spoilt with new Joules clothing & scarf, PJs and perfume, plus a gorgeous fern planter from my best friend.

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