Monthly Goals July

Monthly Goals | July 2021

June 30, 2021

Truth be told I’m in somewhat of a panic as I look forward to July. Knowing that the children finish this coming month for the summer and the reduction in time I will have for completing work throughout the day. I foresee some early mornings and late nights happening in order to get everything done. Plus I’m going to be working my ‘day job’ too so I really need to knuckle down and get things organised and focus on my monthly goals.

How did I get on with last months goals?

Cupboard organisation

I would have loved to have shown you my beautifully organised and curated cupboards, however, they are still in disarray, We have finally managed to get all the cupboards in place so I just need to set aside the time to go through everything. Jiggle the shelf spacing and add labels – not entirely necessary but I do love a label machine.

Paint the bedroom

I FINALLY PAINTED THE BEDROOM! After having the paint sat to one side for over a year. I managed to get the two areas in our bedroom painted. It was lovely to paint over the burnt orange feature walls in our bedroom and wardrobe space. Having inherited the colour when we moved in over five years ago but never quite got around to changing. Going for a pale grey to lighten up the bedroom as well as being a colour I can easily add different colour accessories to as and when I feel like a change.

Create a work/life/blog balance

Let’s be completely honest and accept/acknowledge that almost nobody has the perfect work/life balance, No two days are the same and life is always throwing curveballs. This being said I have been taking a look at all the balls I am juggling to see which ones I can hand over to What The Dad Said. Which ones I am able to drop and which ones need to be handled with more care and attention.

I do feel as though I have gotten myself into a good routine with my day job. Managing to change my working hours to avoid the worst of the traffic, as well as being able to work from home two days a week. Avoiding where possible to look at my blog to-do list/emails on my workdays to keep the divide between the two and not feel so overwhelmed by everything.

monthly goals - notebook flat lay with laptop and teapot

My plans and goals for July

Feeling as though I’m going to be time poor this month I’m looking to set relatively quick fix monthly goals. In part, so I can feel as though I have achieved something at the end of the month. But also not to put too much pressure on me.

Tween bedroom update

Over the time that we have lived in this house, Tigger’s bedroom has had a few updates/tweaks. The addition of IKEA BESTA units being a fantastic storage solution for his Lego, books, toys and games. Overall, the room looks good, however, it is the soft furnishing that is making the room look dated and not fit for his age. I’m hoping that by updating these that it will be more fitting with personality, preferred colours and hobbies.

Planning family adventures

With the children soon to be home for the six weeks school holidays, I’m looking to plan days out and treats across the summer holidays. A somewhat challenging task given that we still don’t have any update on Roo’s knee injury. But I’m looking to stay local as much as possible and enjoy all that East Anglia has to offer us.

ALT image tags

Checking and making sure that all images on my site have an ALT Image Tag, is by no means a quick fix or a task that I expect to have completed in full by the end of the month. However, by including it in my monthly goals I am able to hold myself accountable for how many (or few) I have managed to complete by the end of the month. With over 12,000 images sitting in my media file I really need to make headway with this.

Monthly goals… are you making any this month?

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