Monthly goals - August

Monthly Goals | August 2021

July 31, 2021

The month of two halves (school days and schools out for summer) is finally over. If I’m honest it has been quite an overwhelming month. Finding myself questioning whether I am doing the right things, saying the right things and working as much as I should. Feeling as though my to-do list is growing without me managing to cross much off it. Although motivation plays a large part in this as I’m in a bit of a funk at the moment which I need to shake myself out of.

How did I get on with last months goals?

For July I set relatively simple monthly goals. Aiming to give me achievable tasks, giving me a boost of confidence and motivation.

Tween bedroom update

In what feels like the blink of an eye Tigger has grown up and is now a fully-fledged tween who is hurtling towards his teen years. With his bedroom working from him in a practical sense, the soft furnishings were holding it back his old younger style. This month, I was able to do a little tween bedroom update with changing his curtains and bedding. Replacing the comic strip style furnishings for black curtains and a gamer’s style bedding set – Homing in on his love of gaming, coding and computers.

Planning family adventures

Something I look forward to doing as each half-term and school holidays approach is planning family adventures. I have to admit that it felt a little odd to be planning things for this summer given our life in lockdown last year. Nevertheless, I managed to put together a summer family adventures bucket list for us to look forward to and enjoy this summer. A focus on staying local and enjoying the attractions and activities we have in East Anglia rather than travelling further afield.

Especially considering we are still awaiting news on Roo’s knee injury. Sadly, there aren’t any planned adventures or time with extended family members this summer as my Mam is still classed as clinically vulnerable. So we are still unable to go and visit her with the children (I haven’t seen her since Feb 2020).

ALT image tags

This was always going to be a mammoth task and one that I have put off doing for far too long. With over 13,000 images needing to be checked for ALT image tags I have started this tedious task. Managing to clear off over 3,000 images which are far more than I anticipated. Fingers crossed I can finally tick this off my blog admin list by the end of the year as long as I continue to do blocks of these at a time.

Monthly goals - August 2021

My plans and goals for August

Hello, summer! Time for us to embrace the children being at home from school. Allowing us to enjoy family time and time for them to do their own activities too. Returning in many ways to what life felt like when we were home during the lockdown. Although at least this time we can travel for family adventures – it will be so lovely to load up the car once again. Let’s take a look at what monthly goals I have planned for August…

Family Adventures

Having planned our summer family adventures now is the time to pack food, drinks and sun cream ahead of enjoying all the fun and attractions on our list. Our first overnight stay is planned for the Hilton Cambridge City giving us a base to explore the city and tick off the Cows About Cambridge off the app. It’s been that long since we stayed overnight somewhere that I need to remember what to take with us. It’s been that long since we stayed overnight somewhere that I need to remember what to take with us.

Preparing For Back to School

The summer days tend to pass us by quicker and quicker each year. I’m hoping to get ahead of myself and have all the back to school uniform and prep completed this month. Forgoing the last minute panic of the first few days of September when suddenly realise the kids need XYZ for back to school.

Empty Inbox

Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with my email inbox. Whilst it can bring some wonderful campaigns and opportunities it can also include a whole host of spam, inappropriate content, as well as the chancers who think I’ll either work for free or wish to pay $10 – erm, nope!

On the whole, I’m quite good at filtering my emails into the relevant labels. Allowing me to see at a glance as to what I need to do for that email etc. However, I have been so busy getting stuck into my day job, creating content and taking photos etc. that I have fallen behind on clearing out completed items. Whilst I know my inbox will never be empty (and I don’t want it to be), I do need to make a big push on auctioning and responding to all the emails by the end of the month.

Are you setting yourself any monthly goals this summer?

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