Monthly Goals - November

Monthly Goals | November 2021

October 31, 2021

October always feels like a turning point for our family adventures and life events. After the come down from the summer and reality if back to school hitting us the last week or two of October signals life ramping back up again for half term and Halloween festivities. Easing us into birthday month and then Christmas. With us managing to squeeze in several family adventures around completing my day job too.

How did I get on with last months goals?

Knowing that the coming weeks/months would be busy I focused October’s monthly goals around clearing out and getting organised. Hoping that this would ease some of the stress in the coming few months as the chaos of birthdays and Christmas takes hold. Overall, it has been a good month for achieving my goals and I do feel better for knowing I have these things ticked off my list.

Toy Clutter

Finally jumping into sorting through Piglet’s toys, books and wardrobe was very much a long-overdue task. Finding a whole host of things she no longer plays with and managing to donate many to a local charity shop. Her IKEA Kallax storage unit is again organised and has space for the upcoming toy heavy birthday and Christmas celebrations.

Garden Storage

The garden is all tidied up, toys/bikes put away and stored for the winter months. Feels strange not to see bits and bobs out but I’m sure it will be time to get them back out of the garden storage units before I know it.

Facebook Marketplace

As expected, selling bits and pieces on Facebook Marketplace has been a little hit and miss when it comes to success levels. The usual jokers who want things for peanuts and the ones who cancel at the last minute – although at least they did cancel and just not bother to turn up. There are a few bits left to go which I need to do another push on before I take them to the charity shop.

Monthly Goals - November 2021

My plans and goals for November

I am bracing myself for the start of a busy birthday month, with all three children celebrating this coming month. After success at focusing my monthly goals around a theme last month, I have opted to try a similar technique this month too Focusing my November monthly goals around being organised for celebrations.

Christmas Gift Guides

Throughout November I am sharing various Christmas Gift Guides. Highlighting brands/companies/products that we love in the hope that it aids you when it comes to your Christmas shopping. Putting these together takes a lot of work, something I always question why I opted to do them whilst I’m in the middle of it all. I need to get the finishing touches put together for these gift guides and scheduled both on my blog and via social media.

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

Whilst I joke about it being poor planning on our part to have all three children celebrate their birthdays in the same month. I come from a family who has December birthdays so doesn’t feel that strange to me. This being said, it does mean that organisation is key. From gifts, cards and how they would individually like to celebrate their birthdays. Time to make sure everything is bought, wrapped and booked.

Merry Christmas From Us to You

Not one to feel comfortable about leaving all the gift buying, cards and wrapping for Christmas until December. I like to ensure I have the majority completed ahead of time which leaves me time in December to ensure presents/cards have been sent to friends and family who live away. As well as allowing us to focus on the fun and festivities of Christmas. Lists are ready, I just need to action them.

Have you made any monthly goals for November?

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