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What To Think About When Buying School Uniform

August 19, 2021

It may be the summer holidays, but that doesn’t mean we are not thinking about the beginning of September and the start of a new school year. You may be enjoying the slower pace of days, however, getting organised with your kids ready for the new school year can be very productive. One of the things you can start planning is the school uniform. 

Let’s face it! It isn’t the easiest task, is it? Encouraging your children to head to claustrophobic uniform shops while you rush down the aisles at the last minute trying to find a pair of school pants or a t-shirt in the right size. It is exhausting for you and boring for your kids. No kid wants to be spending precious summer moments preparing for school. So why not consider buying your uniform while you are doing the weekly shop?

Buying Back To School Uniform – Things you need to consider…

These days supermarkets Back To School Uniform range are full of plausible options for schools. Here are some of the benefits and reasons why choosing the supermarket for your school uniform shopping could be the right choice to make.

Buying back to school uniform from the supermarket
Aldi Back to School uniform range, modelled by children of What The Dad Said and Big Family Organised Chaos

There is a great choice and variation 

We all know that supermarkets have so much choice now in many different areas and not just food and drink. People can pick up beauty products, home interiors, and even electronics. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that there has been a huge surge in purchasing clothing at the supermarket for all occasions. School uniform has grown in popularity in the last few years, and for good reason.

There is such a great choice and quality that you have grown to expect when perusing clothing at your local store. Whether it trousers or skirts, summer dresses, and coloured t-shirts. The supermarkets now cater to most uniform combinations such as specific colours in shirts, t-shirts, jumpers, and cardigans. You will also find a selection of options for trousers such as waist adjustable and also skinny to regular length widths. These days the uniform can be tailored to suit your child’s shape and you can feel assured of the fit and quality they are wearing. 

Unbeatable offers

There is no denying that the supermarket will have some incredible offers compared to local uniform shops. They may offer deals such as buy one get one free or three for two deals where you can get more for your money. Many people struggle to buy uniforms and settle with a few sets that they have to wash often for each day of the week. But buying at the supermarket could mean that you can stock up on the deals that they offer to their customers. It isn’t just the uniform either, it is things like school socks, underwear, PE kits, and even school shoes.

It is affordable 

There is no denying that along with the offers, supermarket clothing is affordable. This means that the uniform will come less of a strain on the purse as it might have been in the past. The quality is good, and the prices are much more affordable. As mentioned with the offers, this might allow you to purchase more uniforms rather than having to rely on a few sets that you wash more often. It could be a great way to help you be more organised during the day and allow for a more seamless school morning routine. 

Get your kids involved

We have already mentioned that getting your kids to go to the school uniform shop, or even any sort of clothes shopping, can feel like a chore. But, they always seem to want to accompany you to do the food shop. So this is a great way to get your kids involved in shopping for the school uniform and allows you the opportunity to check sizes and allow them to try on things such as jumpers and school shoes. Less time sending things back and more time spent enjoying the summer. A win-win situation. 

Very easy to do 

Another thing to think about would be how easy it is for you. We all have so much on our plates, at any point in the year. But the summer presents other complications like childcare or occupying your kids without spending a fortune. It is all-consuming. Getting prepared for the new school year is just another thing to add to your list, and while it is essential, you can look at ways to make it easier on yourself.

Smash Kids Back to School Lunch Packs

Making the most of a supermarket trip, which you likely already do weekly anyway, to get the school uniform will save you time, effort and also help you to feel less overwhelmed about everything else you need to think about. It is just a very easy thing to do, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Hopefully, this will encourage you to consider heading to the supermarket for your school uniform in the next few weeks.

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