Monthly Goals August 2022

Monthly Goals | August 2022

July 30, 2022

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Each month I highlight my monthly goals, partly to make myself accountable for the plans, tasks and goals that I include. But also in the hope that it inspires you to make a little list of monthly goals that you’d like to achieve for the month ahead. Helping you realise that you achieve more than you possibly give yourself credit for.

There are no words to express my relief that the month of July is over. Approaching the month knowing that it was going to be a busy month and being pulled in a number of different ways. The reality is the first half of the month was pretty much smooth, if not a little warm for the northerner in me.

The second half resulted in both me and What The Dad Said contracting the coronavirus, After over two years and despite being triple jabbed the pandemic finally caught up with us. Totally floored for a little over a week by it, counting the lucky stars that I didn’t fall fowl to the persistent cough or breathing difficulties that many have endured.

How did I get on with my monthly goals from July?

With all of this happening, I’m sure you can appreciate that my July monthly goals took a backseat alongside many things whilst we rested and recuperated.

Family: School’s Out For Summer

The end of the school year always brings a number of events and activities. This year saw Tigger complete his transition days to high school, joining his older sister on the bus and getting a taste of what September will hold for him. Roo had her summer concert at school, so lovely to watch her dancing alongside her friends and classmates. Both Roo and Piglet had opticians appointments resulting in needing glasses – bringing the whole family to being glasses wearers.

Due to testing positive sadly both me and What The Dad Said were unable to attend Tigger’s Y6 leaving assemble – thankfully Too stepped up in our absence and attended, crying along to the photo slide show.

Home: Garden Games

Although the children have been enjoying the garden due to the heatwave, they have been too busy playing to consider sorting the garden storage unit. They are content to rummage through things to find what they are looking for, I do, however, have the boxes in the garage so I’m hoping to tackle this next week now that I am feeling much better.

Blog: Content Planning

Being out of action for almost two weeks has put this monthly goal on hold. Whilst I would have loved to have used the forced resting period to add images, links etc, The fact is that I couldn’t bare to look at a TV or computer screen, bringing my headache to the forefront and making my sinuses ache. I can hope to get some of this done in the evenings over the summer but I’m not too worried if I don’t get it completed.

My plans and monthly goals for August - computer cup desk drink

My plans and monthly goals for August

The majority of this month will be spent at home with days out intermingled. Opting for a late summer breakaway at the end of the month – which I am really looking forward to. It’s taken me a while to think about what monthly goals I’d like to set for the month ahead. There is a large part of me that wants to blow it all off but I know that I’ll then struggle to get back into the swing of things.

Family: Living For The Weekend

We spend the year living for the weekend, although usually, it is to recharge from the school week as well as squeeze in a few family adventures. However, the summer holidays mean that after the end of the traditional working week we are free to forget everything at home, head out and make memories as a family.

Home: It’s A team Effort

Whilst some parents opt to take on all the chores and tasks that go into family life, we ask each of the children to complete certain things around the home. No judgement to those who opt not to do this we all have our own way of parenting. As well as helping our household manage day-to-day, I like to think that it gives the children a sense of what they will need to do when they leave home – gaining them some much-needed experience at home.

Work: Early Finish

I’m still working full-time at the moment to help cover staff absences within my team. One of the conditions I placed over the summer whilst the kids are home for the school holidays is to be able to finish earlier on my extra days, This allows me to bundle the kids into the car and head out to do something for a few hours.

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