Life in lockdown week 28 - Piglet

Life In Lockdown | Hello Autumn {Week 28}

September 27, 2020

Life in lockdown continues and we are adjusting to being back at school. The long, warm and dry days of summer have been replaced by the windy, wet and darker evenings of autumn. I don’t think I can remember having rain like we’ve had this week in along time. The school runs have been fun, Piglet making me giggle when I told her that my bottom was cold and wet. With her dressed in her Frugi Puddle Busters she declared that she was warm and dry – ‘But that’s ok mummy, you can write a letter to Santa or wish upon a star for your own set of yellow trousers’.

Forgetful parenting

Whilst the children gave adjusted to the back to school routine and all the changes that have coincided with that. I am still getting my head around everything. This week forgetting that Tigger had PE Thursday followed by sports club. Sending him off to school in his uniform instead of his sports kit. Thankfully the school allowed me to drop it off for him. But I’ve now set a reminder to go off every Thursday ‘just in case’.

Breakfast date

Arranged before the new restrictions came into place I managed to enjoy a breakfast date with two friends I used to work with at the community hospital. A strange experience to walk through a restaurant with a mask on and only allowed to take it off whilst sitting at the table. With all drinks and food ordered and brought to the table despite it being an all you can eat breakfast buffet.

It was, however, lovely to catch up with my friends who I hadn’t seen in so long. Certainly since before the lockdown began. So much has happened in all our lives so good to be able to chat about it and share advice etc. Fingers crossed it won’t be quite so ling before we manage to get together again.

Dirt magnet

Out of all three children it shouldn’t come as surprise to me that Piglet would be the one to come home everyday from school covered in dirt. That girl is a dirt magnet and manages to get dirt everywhere. She cam home this week looking as though she had been rolling the mud with the three little pigs. Her face, her clothes, legs and shoes all covered. Good job I knew in advance that she’d need to have a clean uniform for school each day otherwise I’d be attempting to get her uniform clean each night.

City shopping

As part of a family member’s birthday Roo enjoyed a day out in the city. A chance for her to look at what the shops have available and spend some of her birthday and Christmas money and vouchers. Managing to treat herself to a new teddy bear style jacket, a bag, make-up, jewellery, clothes and a phone case. As well as experiencing eyebrow threading for the first time. I’ve not been into the city since just before the lockdown so I’m a little envious of her shopping trip but I don’t need anything from the city so I can’t justify the trip.

Work, work, work

It’s been a strange week with What The Dad Said working six days out of seven. I think it works out that he has one day off in eleven. Working hard to provide for us, cover others who are on holiday or off sick and feeding the nation. He works so hard and so little time for himself. It makes me feel so guilty of being at home and him heading out to complete yet another shift at work. Fingers crossed I manage to find a part-time job soon to help ease the burden.

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