Life In Lockdown | Looking to the future {Week 30}

October 11, 2020

The end of another week and yet again I am left scrambling my brain cells to remember what has happened this week. I’m feeling as though I’m just getting through each day and not really noticing what is happening. Although I know life isn’t exactly at the moment (not that it was too much more exciting for the lockdown) I do worry as though I’m wasting the days away.

Bus woes

As the schools returned in September I was pleased to see that the local bus company were putting on a dedicated school service. Going from our estate directly to the high school. The bus service previously can be a little hit and miss with those who work in the city also attempting to get a bus first thing in the morning. So a dedicated bus has been great, up until this week when Roo has issues on at least two days. Late slips issues at school, although they knew the reason. They need to issue the slips in order to keep track of issues so that they can report complaints to the bus company.

Inset day

Tigger and Piglet enjoyed an inset day at home this week, much to the annoyance of Roo. Whilst it is frustrating that the local schools have different inset days I can understand to a point why they do it. Good job I work from home, otherwise arranging childcare would be fun.

Frozen shoulder

Last week I moaned about my frozen shoulder and I hoped that after almost two weeks of pain and discomfort that I would be feeling better. Whilst the daytime pain is relatively easy to manage plus physio. It is the night time discomfort that I’m struggling with. A few early mornings (middle of the night) starts to the day as the paid is unbearable and I’m not able to find a comfortable position to sleep in. My body obviously just needs time to heal but this is certainly the worse it has been for a few years.

Looking to the future

Like the majority of families, we have had somewhat of a turbulent year. With COVID-19 and life in lockdown playing its part in our woes. However, there has been other stresses and strains in our life this year. Some things I fear are beyond repair but there are glimmers of hope in the distance. Although the past has played a part in our today, we can’t let it control our futures so I have been looking to the future. Thinking about the things that I’d like to happen as well as the things I need to make happen. I’m not asking for a straight, smooth road ahead but a few less roadblocks and detours would be good.

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