Life in lockdown | Social distancing {Week 1}

March 22, 2020

I have to confess that until a week or so ago the current Coronavirus was just something I heard about on the news. Something that was happening elsewhere in the world. Which whilst the stories and coverage were awful to hear about, I did have a slightly relaxed approach to it. After all, it wasn’t something that was happening here, about to affect the UK, friends and family.

How wrong was I?

Reality hits

This week the Coronavirus became very much a reality for us all. With new social distancing measures put in place by the UK government. Across the week things have changed, advice and guidance have changed. Increased hand washing protocol is no longer just the steps we need to take. The social distancing of being 2 metres apart in public places (shops etc) as well as asking people to work from home where possible.

Schools closed

The biggest guidance, for us anyway, has been the decision to close schools and nurseries infinitely. The knock on affect of cancelling SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels. Whilst none of the children were due to take exams this year they will be affected by having to homeschool. Not to mention the social aspect of time spent away from their friends.

Stay home, stay safe

With the advice being to stay home, stay safe this is what we are doing. Although What The Dad Said is a keyworker and is still heading out to work to help feed the nation. Along with the possibility of having to complete additional shifts to cover those who need to go into 12 week self isolation.

Mother’s Day

Today was possibly the first day that many felt the effect of the new lockdown measures. Not being able to be with their mums or mothers-in-law to celebrate the day. The cancellation of days out, get-togethers and dinner plans. Whilst we didn’t manage to head out on a family day out, I have managed to enjoy the day. I celebrated the day just how I would want to, surrounded my own little family unit.

  • Rachel Craig April 22, 2020 at 5:26 am

    The lockdown is having a variety of impacts on people :- Probably depending upon their own / household circumstances. Social Isolation for some :- Having to do without, or hoping someone will get in contact :- Perhaps offer assistance. As some may fear the risks for themself. Some fear for another.

    Hoping that Government and Local Authorities manage to communicate with everyone :- Those thought to be most at risk :- Shielding. Surely require regular food parcels, etc. Then others at risk also require access to regular food supplies. Every one else needs regular food. Food shops seen to be aiming to be effective. Shop Staff are to be congratulated on their dedication.

    Why is there a high number of individuals around 50+ years within the death toll. I wonder if it is due to possibly number / ratio of this age group within society / communities. As are these not the adults of the “baby boomers ” days of the 1960’s.

    Also testing capacity, and number tested :- Discrepancy:- Why? As Government stated aim was to test and get NHS staff back to work (if test result negative). Care Home staff and Social Care staff surely require to be tested. As these are essential workers. Surely testing capacity should be cost effective, etc.

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