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Ways to get children interested in gardening

June 2, 2020

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Most parents are trying to encourage their kids to engage in gardening but how many are ultimately successful? Though children love getting dirty, if it seems like a chore they may stay away from working in a garden. You’ll have to make the job enjoyable and fun to get your kids excited about developing a garden. Encouraging kids and making them excited about creating their own special plot in nature is simple. 

Ideas on how to get children interested in gardening

We have already discussed the benefits of gardening for children in our article. Here we will cover on how we can get our kids interested in gardening. There are a few things you can do to get your children to rouse the gardening bug. Here are a few of our ideas:

Start in the right place

The best way to get things going right and interesting is by choosing a good sunny spot and using the right soil. Luckily, in a small yard it’s easy to set up your garden the right way – just pick a sunny spot, grab a bag or two of good-quality potting soil, and there you go! You don’t need a big yard, either.

Choosing good plants for your children and your local climate is another good way of making sure you start on the right foot. Easy to maintain plants which have no special requirements are typically a good starting point when gardening with children.

Give Ownership to your Child

If you want to keep your kids engaged in a garden, make it his own right from the start. Let your children name the garden, and build a sign near the plot to position it in the soil.

This makes for an instant sense of importance. Section off the paving stones lawn, and put the patch where it’s easy to see. Give your kid own gardening tools, too. Allow for mistakes, as you direct your child through the process. It’s a valuable lesson for all children to find out how to cope with injuries.

If your child is haphazard about planting seeds, give him the chance to see what’s going to happen. Let your children take all of the decisions on what to plant, where to put seeds, as well as how to design the garden’s overall look.

If a kid is completely engaged in a project it enhances the desire to stick with it. Encourage your child to search out the little gardening related surprises. This may be a ladybug hidden under a leaf or a carrot leaf peeking across the surface.

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Grow Interesting Plants

Edible or flowering plants are somewhat more enjoyable than ornamental ferns or grasses. Apart from giving your children a reason to tend their plants, visible outcomes such as a tasty treat or a pretty blossom will deepen the sense of achievement of your children while also serve as a positive encouragement when your children do a good job.

Strawberries are a perfect plant for children to grow-they look lovely and taste even better. Because of its sensory existence, flowering plants also are an excellent choice.

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Keep Children Stay Involved

Kids have short spans of interest and it can easily lead to boredom. You have to constantly energize your child’s imagination to keep things exciting. Find out the magic of nature with every move. Let your child excited to pull a leaf up and find out what’s hidden under the leaves, or allow him or her to smell and feel the plants. Don’t forget to place a small garden bench or chairs near the garden, so that both of you can watch development.

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