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6 Tips & tricks to get started gardening with toddlers

March 5, 2020

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Encouraging your little one to reduce screen time and spend more time outdoors is important, now more than ever, and gardening is actually a great way to do that. In fact, many experts believe that gardening can be therapeutic and healthy for not just adults, but kids too. Looking for ways to get your little one involved? Here’s a little help your way. Read on to discover 6 super effective ways to get started gardening with toddlers. 

Start With Seeds

One of the simplest and easiest ways to get your little one interested in gardening is to start with seeds. Pick up some seed packs from your local gardening supplies store or nursery. Choose the ones that have a short flowering duration. Encourage your toddler involved in the process of digging the soil, planting the seed, watering and caring for it and then watching it grow! 

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Videos Do the Trick

All that excessive YouTube video watching may be bad, but not so much when you use it to introduce some great gardening concepts and ideas to your kid. Look up some cool kid-friendly gardening videos (preferably the fun, cartoon ones). Go get their interest piqued. You’ll find tons of informative videos and even some cool DIY tutorials that you could try out with your little one! 

Let them Pick

This little trick always wins when it comes to getting your little one interested in gardening. Take your child along when you’re getting the supplies – even if it is just potting soil and a little watering can. When you let your little one take charge and allow them to make the decision on which colour etc. It gets them a little more excited and ready to dive right into gardening – definitely a great way to start gardening with toddlers!

Give them the Plot

If you can spot your little one getting excited already, you can also offer them a little patch in your garden – all for themself. Here, allow them to pick the plants they want to plant. it’ll be like their own special space. Offer suggestions and help them choose the right plants, and guide them into planting them the right way and caring for them. It can all be a lot of fun. 

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Create an Herb Garden

Herb gardens, especially the indoor ones, are known for their simplicity. They’re easy to grow and manage. No wonder, they’re so popular among gardening newbies. Now you know why this one turned up on the list right? Introducing your little one to a herb garden is super easy. It doesn’t even need a lot of your time and effort! Plus, the results are amazing! Your kid (and you) will definitely love each moment you spend on this one! This one’s definitely one of the best ways to start gardening with toddlers.

Go the Book Way

Established a bedtime reading routine with your kid? You can use that to get your little one interested in gardening too! Pick up some good books that teach your kid about different plants and plant life, and even gardening for that matter. Some good picks include –

Read these out to your child as a part of their bedtime routine, or just anytime really, and you’ll find them getting interested in getting their hands dirty!

Even if your child is too young to actually start planting, try to get them involved in the little parts of the entire process of gardening like pulling out the weeds or picking the berries or twisting the tomato out from the plant! Not only will it get them interested in gardening, but it can be an excellent way to get them in touch with nature at its best! 

And if you’re a beginner when it comes to gardening yourself, here’s some help! Discover the simplest gardening tips you need to know to finally get started!

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