Top Garden Gifts This Christmas

Top Garden Gifts This Christmas

December 16, 2020

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Here are some top garden gifts for all budgets. Try to think about what they like to do in the garden. Do they grow plants in a greenhouse or purely use the garden for relaxation? Think about what they do and it can help inform your garden gift decision.

Buying gifts for the garden may seem a little strange. Most people tend to spend the winter indoors but there are those people who absolutely love the garden. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there are always people who enjoy spending time outside and they won’t be expecting a garden-based gift at Christmas, giving you the ability to surprise them quite nicely.

Go All In With A Hot Tub

If you’re fancying going down an extravagant route, you can go for the hot tub. The benefit being they can use it right away and over winter. You may think they all cost a fortune but you can get cheap hot tubs too. The main point here is to double-check their space. It can be hard to do this on the sly, but it’s certainly possible. No point buying a huge hot tub if there’s no space.

You also need to try and remember that there may be problems getting into the garden if they live in a terraced house or if the route to the garden isn’t so easy. You could consider an inflatable one if you wanted to get something quick and easy but not necessarily permanent.

Top Garden Gifts This Christmas

That Perfect Ornament

For the best ornament, you want to make sure that you follow the theme they’ve already set in the garden. There may be certain ornaments already there, so if you buy the right stuff they can fit right in. If you don’t get the right item to fit in they may not be able to use it. You can buy standing ornaments as well as ones which hang up on walls or trees. There’s a huge price difference here too so you can usually find something within your price range. 

Help It Flourish

For a start, you can get some great plant food or lawn additives to help things grow nicely in their garden. Bonus points if you can get additives specific to winter. You could also buy plants and flowers, there are usually some of these available on Amazon. Try to buy ones which flower at different times of the year to keep a bit of colour out there.


Tools are always a great buy when considering garden work. Again, you need to have a little snoop and find out what they’ve already got first. It can be something simple like secateurs, or shears. Maybe you wanted to spend a little more and go for a pressure washer or a lawnmower. Heavy-duty garden gloves are a great idea or other protective equipment. If you know of a project they’ve got going you can easily buy things to help that project. Unconventional gifts but still ones which will make an impact because you’re buying something different. 

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