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Blogging 101 | 5 Things You Should Not Do When Starting A Blog

June 2, 2020

There are many mistakes bloggers make when they’re starting a blog. While you do need to make some mistakes to learn how to be a successful blogger, I wanted to share some things you shouldn’t do so that you’re able to avoid the simpler mistakes that most people make when starting a blog. These things you should not do will help you develop a successful blog faster.

Don’t Pay For Links

This is a big no-no in Google terms of service. While it’s great to build backlinks to your blog, paying for the placement of blog links on other websites can lead to a ban for your website from being indexed rather quickly. This method of paying for backlinks is an old school method that’s long since been listed as a big thing that you should not do when starting a blog.

Pick a Busy Theme

People who visit your blog will quickly close the browser if they cannot navigate your blog easily. While a busy theme with lots of colours and graphics may look like “fun”, a simpler blog theme that’s easy for users to load on their mobile device or browser works best for returning visitors and a better bounce rate.

Steal Photos

This is another huge action that you should not do when starting a blog. It’s never a good idea to steal photos for your blog posts. Copyright infringement is a real thing and it could result in thousands of dollars in fines. Try to use your own photos or buy photos from a reputable stock photo website so that you can avoid the repercussions of stealing photos and sinking your blog reputation.

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Starting on Free Platform

Do not start your blog on a free blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress.com. That is if you’re planning to build a money-making blog. You will not be able to build your blog revenue on a strictly free platform as both free blogging platforms can restrict your earning options as well as take your blog down completely if they don’t feel your blog is following their terms of service. Whilst you can make the switch to self-hosted platforms down the line, it can be easier to do it from day one and not as expensive or as technical as you may think.

Being a People Pleaser

Some of the most opinionated bloggers get the most traffic. While you should find blog post ideas based on what your audience enjoys reading, do not be a people pleaser. Writing about topics in a way that suits other people best will not work to keep the passion alive in your blog posts. Let go of trying to be a people pleaser so that your blog is unique and based on your own views about the niche.

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These are just 5 things you should not do when starting a blog, there are many other things that newbies learn the hard way to not do when starting a blog. The key to a successful blog is to continue learning, growing and creating content that’s SEO-friendly and reader-friendly while remaining true to your blogging niche.

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