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5 Key Benefits of Gardening for Children

April 27, 2020

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For children, a garden can be an engaging environment that activates all of their senses. It is where they can see and experience the value of their work, imagine the brightly coloured flowers, become accustomed to natural fragrances and the sound of rustling shrubs. You can, of course, do indoor gardening with kids, too. 

Involving all the senses can fuel both interest and enthusiasm in children and hence the desire for gardening and the science behind it. Sudocrem have recently launched Back to the Garden campaign to help children learn in a new way.

Here are the skills children learn from nature and how does gardening contribute to the growth of a child.

5 Key Benefits of Gardening for Children

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Gardening encourages healthy eating

It’s no secret that when you cultivate them personally, the fruits and vegetables taste much better. This is true for children too. Making children or pre-schoolers interested in gardening enables them to experience plant care and develop a responsible, consistent and optimistic attitude towards hard work. Campaigns like Back to Garden by Sudocrem could play the best role in encouraging children to go back to the garden.

Children can take great pride in self-grown fruits and vegetables, you can rest assured.

They’ll eat onions, spinach and even celery before you think about it! By demonstrating the value of early gardening, healthy eating will become a daily practice that forms the foundations of every young mind.

Develop a proactive and healthy routine in life

Gardening and fine motor skills go hand in hand. Children exercise their locomotive skills regularly while in the garden, without thinking about it. Children need to walk around a lot in the garden to address activities such as watering, fertilising, pruning, raising plant stakes, planting, weeding, bending, and collecting, arranging and storing seeds. So gardening helps children to develop a positive and balanced lifestyle routine.

Gardening teaches children science 

Using gardening as a method of teaching science to children is a quite new and innovative approach but it is considerably valuable. Not only are young people becoming part of the learning process, they often gain practical knowledge that is not found in textbooks.

Gardening Helps Reduce Stress

Gardening may be a huge reliever of children’s stress as it teaches children how to relax, calm down and manage emotions. It has been proven that spending time in nature, with flowers and trees, makes both children and the elderly feel happier.

Work out in the garden for just 30 minutes a day greatly lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Gardening is also a great hobby to introduce your kids to because it holds away anxiety.

Gardening teaches children the obligation to protect the planet 

Helping children go in the habit of caring for both the seeds and plants they have sown will instil a great sense of personal responsibility in them. Be sure to have a checklist of regular, weekly and monthly tasks planned and followed. Álso, follow the progress of your child’s gardening and do your best to support them, without intervening too much. This is how the gardening develops children, educating them that it takes time and effort for positive things to happen.

As children spend time in the field, they inevitably become motivated to green thinking and saving the environment. Young people learn that it needs to be neat and tidy in order for a garden to grow healthy plants, and free of garbage, which is one of many chores.

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Sudocrem’s Back to the Garden

Teaming up with gardeners and garden centres all over the nation, Sudocrem’s Back to the Garden campaign will encourage children and their parents to begin their own gardening projects at home or in the garden. The initiative will include tips and advice on potting plants, spotting a weed and keeping your plants healthy from gardeners all over the UK. Sudocrem will also be donating one hundred growing kits to families all over the UK to kick start their growing projects. 

“Right now, there are around 5 million children under the age of 10 who need activities to get them through the next few months,” says Alice Bamford, Sudocrem brand manager. “At Sudocrem, we want to give families a hand as best we can.”

Soothing Gardener’s Skin…

Gardening can be harsh on delicate skin, as every gardener knows. From contact with cold water when watering the plants, digging in the mud for weeds, planting new seeds and planters, using tools – it’s a hands-on activity. Even standing outside in the sun can cause damage and dryness to the face and neck. Then there’s getting pricked by rose thorns, stung by nettles and insects, scraped knees….

Gardener’s new best friend comes in the pocket-sized form of My Little Sudocrem, the Swiss army-knife of soothing skincare products. Loved by everyone from babies to teenagers, runners to cyclists, mountaineers to gardeners and anyone in between. 

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