Blogging 101 | Things you need to avoid as a beginner to blogging

February 9, 2021

Are you a beginner to blogging? Make sure you stay away from these common beginner’s mistakes!

So, you are serious about starting your own blog. Whatever the reason it may be, whether for promoting your new business or a hobby, the world of blogging has intrigued you. Though there are amazing benefits of it, there are also many things that new bloggers tend to ignore.

To make sure your blogging journey goes smoothly, we have decided to present this list of blogging mistakes that beginners tend to do. Knowing these in the starting itself will enable you to avoid them when you start your own blog and get better results. Things you need to avoid as a beginner to blogging. 

Thinking that doing a lot of research is a waste of time

Though people say blogging is all about writing things you love, you can’t just put stuff that doesn’t make sense. Spending a lot of time doing research can seem totally boring but it is actually a major reason for the success of many bloggers. 

Deciding on a topic and starting writing is not the ideal way to blog. Once you have a topic, you should know what people are searching on the internet about that topic. You need to read other similar blogs to understand how you need to write. This is a good way to be inspired and make sure your blog is interesting to potential readers.

Things you need to avoid as a beginner to blogging

Starting a really broad topic or a niche

Being super specific is one thing that most people think doesn’t make a difference. In reality, it plays a huge role in attracting a specific kind of audience.

Focusing on a very specific niche is suggested to beginners as it allows them to be more organised. It increases your expertise in that one topic and attracts a small but genuine kind of readers. These readers also have more potential to become clients in the future if you start a business

Using free blogging at the very beginning

It’s understandable that you don’t want to invest in something you are not sure about. But if you are completely serious about blogging and want to make it a long time thing, having a self-hosted website is highly recommended.

The reason behind not using a free blog is actually really simple. A paid blog has more customising options and allows more control. It enables you to be as creative as you want to be and create a good website with multiple features. It also helps you stand out in the market and create a unique image. To be more specific, it is like a small investment for a good blogging future. 

Being inconsistent or lacking a good plan

Even if you want to do blogging as a hobby or a pastime, you still have to be dedicated to it. Being consistent is always important but it’s especially important when you are just getting started.

Make sure that you have a proper schedule for everything right from the start. This will help you to be more prepared and show your professionalism to your readers as well. Be frequent with your posts and write interesting content that you yourself will love to read. This way, you will always write good posts and a good blog that grows consistently. 

Not paying enough attention to reader engagements

Your readers will always be the people who decide the success or failure of your blog. If they are happy with you, you will not have any problem with being a successful blogger.

You might sometimes don’t feel like reading and responding to comments but never do that. Respond to as many as possible and answer their queries. Thank them for reading your content and be nice to them. Your nice behaviour will encourage them to keep visiting your blog and help it become popular. So, always put them on high priority. 

Thinking that being perfect is the main thing

As a newbie, you just are tempted to work for hours to make sure everything is nothing but perfection. When that is the case, even a small mistake will put you down. If you run after perfection, you are more likely to make mistakes and fail when you are new. 

Always remember why you started blogging in the first place. Focus on what you want to write about and how you can improve each day. Making mistakes is a good way to learn new things and improve the way you blog. So, don’t focus on being perfect and instead do your best with each new post you write for your blog. Enjoy your blogging and success will always come to you!

Having big and unrealistic expectations at the start

Like everything else in the world, blogging also takes a lot of hard work and patience. It’s not a thing that will blow up in one day without any effort at all.

Setting yourself small yet achievable goals, in the beginning, is the best thing. Completing these small goals will boost your confidence and keep you consistent. Avoid expecting things that are most likely not going to happen. Work on your skills and achieve things slowly but steadily.

Things you need to avoid as a beginner to blogging

Ignoring your main motto behind starting a blog

It’s extremely easy to lose the sight of your passion as a beginner. Keep in mind why you picked blogging out of tons of other things you could have done.

Instead of running after achieving a huge number of followers, be more passionate about being good at what you are doing. Once you are good at writing content, the audience will find you and read your blog. Until then, write things you are interested in and promote your blog well. Always know that, when it comes to blogging as a beginner, quality content matters more than anything else. 


It’s okay to have absolutely zero ideas about blogging when you decide to try it out. As time passes, you will learn things about blogging. This list just shows a few of those mistakes that mostly all beginners make.

We hope that this list helps you avoid these things in your own blogging journey. You will also find many other things on your own as you continue. Keep these small mistakes in mind and avoid them as best as possible. We wish you an awesome blogging experience! 

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