Blogging 101 | PicMonkey vs Canva – Which One is Best?

March 26, 2019

Many bloggers enjoy using either PicMonkey or Canva to edit their photos and create exceptional social media images for ease of sharing on sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Some bloggers like to use both PicMonkey and Canva as each offer slightly different advantages and options. Today I’m going to compare PicMonkey and Canva to help you decide which one is best.

Pros of PicMonkey

PicMonkey and Download

Let’s discuss some of the pros of PicMonkey so that you can see what this photo editing program is best suited for both to edit photos and how much it may cost you:

  • Membership Required – While you can use PicMonkey for free, in order to export or do anything that you really need to do as a blogger using PicMonkey for photo editing, you need to pay for a membership. The membership isn’t super expensive, but you still have to pay.
  • Storage Availability – There are limits to photo storage with PicMonkey depending on which membership level you have. I believe the premium membership allows you to store up to 50 images and both memberships allow you to easily organize your saved photos in the hub.
  • Filters & Fonts – There are many filters and font options under the free PicMonkey account, but again you will see more options when you upgrade to a paid account and be able to export your graphics after you design them.

Overall PicMonkey does have some pretty awesome templates to use and they have the ability to use transparency as well but you will need to pay for a membership option if you want to use any of these graphics that you create in PicMonkey.

Pros of Canva

Canva and Image

Let’s discuss some of the pros of Canva so that you can see what this photo editing program is best suited for both to edit photos and how much it may cost you:

  • Free – While Canva does offer a paid membership, they have a lot of options that you can use without paying for a membership with them. You can even download your creations without having to pay for a membership to export.
  • Cheap Stock Images – one of the favorite options for bloggers using Canva for photo editing is that you can have access to a huge range of stock photos that only cost you $1 each. That is an amazing price and you don’t need a paid membership to gain access to these photos.
  • Fonts & Templates – while you won’t see filter options on Canva, you will see a wide range of fonts to use and the ability to pick templates based on what social media platform that you’re editing a photo for.

Overall I personally feel that Canva offers you more for less money, but sometimes having a paid account with PicMonkey is just what I need to make sure that I have more options and the ability to manipulate a graphic deeper than Canva will allow me to. I think that both of these photo editing programs will offer you a chance to edit photos in a way that will go up and beyond any other option out there.

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