Three of the best flooring choices for a family home

February 10, 2021

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Most of us take pride in our interior, especially at the moment! Although looks are so important, practicality is the main thing we need to consider when we come from a busy family household with kids and pets roaming around! This therefore will influence our flooring choice.

It’s a common misconception that you either have to choose between practicality and looks, but this isn’t always the case! In the modern flooring world, there are plenty of options where you can get both practicality and looks, so there’s no need to sacrifice one! So, let’s dive into the best types…

Flooring choices for a family home

flooring choices for a family home

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is an old favourite, but only in recent years has it really come into its own. It’s been modernised to be an extremely practical and affordable choice, ideal for family households for a number of reasons. The first being it that it is highly practical, being resistant to scratches, stains and water, which is ideal for rooms that see high exposure to these. However, it is not complete proof of these factors, so just be aware of this!

It will be pretty hard to damage your laminate floors, which we know as a parent is a godsend because we know how messy those kids can be! It also replicates natural materials such as wood and stone so convincingly, that it’s almost impossible to tell them apart! 

However, perhaps laminate’s best quality is how affordable it is. Laminate is an easy and cheap fix, which sometimes is just what we need. We know most families are on strict budgets, which is why laminate is so popular with family households. When you have kids, sadly you can’t splash out on expensive décor! 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Another worthy contender… forget the old-fashioned and outdated vinyl of the 1970s, vinyl has been revolutionised to create the highly sophisticated luxury vinyl tiles of today. Although a less traditional solution for family flooring, it certainly has some unbeatable benefits. Delivering the perfect blend of practicality and looks, luxury vinyl tiles are water, stain and scratch-proof – amazing right?! This is ideal when there’s the constant threat of food spillages, pet claws scratches, and water spillages.

Its anti-slip properties are another important feature to look for as well, you won’t need to worry about your little ones falling over after bath time when they charge about the place! The surface is always slightly cushioned too, which as you can imagine is ideal when your little ones take those tumbles and fall. 

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is the next best thing! With so many of us adoring the naturally gorgeous look of solid wood but the maintenance is just too much? Then don’t worry. Engineered wood is the next best thing, with fantastic maintenance properties and very practical. It is scratch, water and stain-resistant, so good for rooms that see high exposure to these. However, like laminate, it is not completely full-proof against these so just be careful where you lay it, no good for the bathroom for example!

Engineered wood flooring is much better at coping with moisture than solid wood is. You can also sand it down and refinish it to eradicate any damage that occurs over the years, which can be done more than once and as we know that kids cause damage all the time! It is also very durable, which of course is another big benefit as the last thing we want is to be replacing our floors every ten years.

flooring choices for a family home

So there we have it, our top three flooring choices for a family home. We would say as first choice luxury vinyl tiles come out on top, however, both laminate and engineered wood are both worthy choices.

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