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June 20, 2023

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In this article, we have listed down multiple ways to properly clean the keyboard and screen on your own. We hope that these give you various solutions to try out until you can figure out a way that works the best for your specific brand of keyboard and screen.

Now that many of us are working from home, we don’t have the office staff to take care of our desktop or laptop. We are also often too tired after work hours to feel motivated enough to clean the keyboard and the screen. 

Why is it so important to keep your laptop or desktop clean?

  • The germs on these things can also make you sick in various ways.
  • Overheating can also be caused by dust that clogs up the fans inside your system. 
  • The speed of the device can also be greatly affected and you will have to deal with a slower system that takes hours to respond. 
  • If things are stuck in your keyboard for a long time, the keys might get stuck which will cause a lot of hassle while you work. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why you need to keep your laptop clean. In this article, we are going to talk about some practical ways to clean the keyboard and screen on your own. 

Practical ways to properly clean the keyboard in your home office

properly clean the keyboard

Have your keyboard turned upside down and gently pat it a few times

You must have seen those tiny grains stuck in your keyboard that annoy you to no end on most days. Those are generally the hardest to get rid of as you don’t want to damage any of the keys while you properly clean the keyboard. 

This is one of the best ways to properly clean the keyboard. If it’s a desktop, unplug the keyboard first and pat it gently a couple of times. If it’s a laptop, turn the laptop upside down and do the same thing as well. Make sure to not hit too hard but just enough to make all the dust fall out from the keyboard.

Using compressed air and a cotton bud to clean the keyboard and the screen

Compressed air is something you can easily find and it can be used for many different purposes. Cleaning your keyboard and screen is just another thing compressed air can help you with. 

Everything must be turned off before cleaning so you can avoid being electrocuted or damaging the system. Gently blow the air on the keyboard a couple of times to get rid of all the dust particles and other stuff stuck in between the keys. This way, you can clean the keyboard properly and then use the cotton swab to focus on cleaning the screen. 

Dab it across the screen to clean it on its own or you can also dip the cotton in alcohol before using it to clean the screen.

Use a brush to help you clean the keyboard properly

This is one of the most popular ways to clean any electronic device without damaging it in some way. It’s also a cheap way to do it because all you need is any kind of brush that you can find around the house. 

If you have a brush with thin hair, it will easily get in between the keyboard keys and clean every dust particle really easily. A brush can also be used to dust off the screen before you try to clean it with alcohol. This is another way to ensure that the computer system you are using is cleaned often even though you don’t have a lot of free time in your hectic schedule. 

Microfibre can make the screen cleaning process a lot easier for you

When it comes to a computer system, the screen is probably the most important part of it. Though the CPU is the heart, the screen is just as important so you can work as smoothly as possible. 

It’s necessary that you choose the correct kind of fabric to clean your screen properly. Microfiber has been considered as the best fabric to be used while cleaning electronics like screens, mouse, etc. So try to use microfibre cloths when you decide to clean your computer screen. The screen is sure to look brand new and never used if you do that every time. 

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to use cleaning supplies suggested by manufacturers.

Though often these homemade supplies work to properly clean the keyboard and the screen, some of these can also further damage the devices. Thus it’s always a smart choice to use manufacturer suggested supplies for cleaning. 

You should always talk to your manufacture or an expert to find out the best way to properly clean the keyboard and the screen on your own. If there are any specific suggested brands of cleaning supplies, stick to using those instead of alcohol or anything else you would usually use. This is a good way to make sure that the system looks new and unused even after a while of buying it. 

properly clean the keyboard

other ways to properly clean the keyboard and screen

Other than the ways listed above, there are a couple of other common ways to clean your keyboard and screen on your own while you are working from home. For example, you can find many alternatives to just plain cloth – wet wipes, cotton buds, tissue paper are just some of the other options you can try out. Keep trying out various things after you do enough research on what works the best on the kind of screen and keyboard you have.

When we say that you need to use alcohol, you don’t have to use the most expensive bottle you have just to clean. Any regular alcohol can work as long as you are sure that it’s safe for the brand of keyboard and screen you have. Make sure to only use a small amount of it and dab the screen carefully instead of doing it forcefully. This enables you to properly clean the keyboard and screen with stuff that you already have around the house. 


Cleaning your computer system can be the most difficult thing at times if you are not really someone who enjoys cleaning things in general. We wanted to make this process just a little bit easier so you won’t dread it as much. 

Use these tips to learn to properly clean the keyboard and screen every time you see even a little bit of dust on it! 

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