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Blogging 101 | How to start your own blog

January 26, 2021

Ideally, blogging is a type of website that ideally focuses on written content that is commonly known as blogs. Often bloggers write from a personal perspective that connects them to the readers directly. Besides, blogs also offer a comments section where readers can leave their thoughts or comments. As a blogger, you can connect with the reader if you interact with the reader’s comments in the comment section.

One of the core benefits of blogging is the direct connection between a reader and a blogger. The link allows you to share your views and ideas with like-minded people. Above all, you can build trust among your readers. When you earn the trust and loyalty of your readers, it can open up making money from blogging.

Should you start Your Own blog?

One of the misconceptions attached to blogging is that you need to be a great writer to be successful. Several bloggers write in an informal style as most people turn to their blog sites to get personal perspectives on things. To have a successful blog, you don’t need to be an expert on your topic. If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to have a passion for your niche or topic.

Blogging 101 | How to start your own blog

At its core, blogging is about sharing your knowledge with the world. The process of starting a blog becomes successful when you are passionate about the topic you write. It is okay if you write about more than one subject as long as you are writing about the issues that you are interested in. When you write what you are interested in, your passion will both shine and keep your readers hooked.

Reasons to start your own blog

  • Earn from home – If done correctly, blogging can be quite lucrative. The top bloggers earn more in comparison to beginners. The best part about blogging is it can be done from anywhere.
  • Share your story – You can make your voice heard by sharing your blog. If you choose to, you can share your story with the entire world.
  • Find a community – At its heart, blogging is interactive. One of the best ways to connect with people is through blogging.

As the internet is exploding with growth currently and several people are online. It means you can get more potential readers who will read your blog.

How to start your own blog?

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Pick a name

To pick a name for a blog, you need to decide on your topic. If you don’t know what to pen down about here are some tips:

  • Hobbies and passions – You can write about your passions and hobbies, including cooking, fashion, travel, etc.
  • Personal blog – You can write about yourself, and it can include anything like your own thoughts.
  • Life experiences -You can share some of your skills as these experiences can help someone dealing with a similar situation.

You need to select an exciting name for your blog so readers can make out if the blogs are interesting. It would be best if you choose a domain extension after you want your blog name. One of the most preferred domains is .com, but .net or .org also works well. After selecting a title to ensure no one has a similar name in that case, you need to try a different domain extension.

Get your blog online

It’s time to get your blog online when you have picked your name. It would be best if you had both blog hosting and blogging software to make your blog run online. Ideally, a blog host is a company that stores all your blog files. To have a blog, you need a blog host if you want your blog to be read by all you need software.

Customise your blog

If you aren’t logged in with your desired blog host, then you need to log in by entering your domain name and password. You can reset your password by using forgot your password link in case you have misplaced it. You will be taken to your blog host portal once you log in successfully.

After logging in, you will be in the administrator area of the host where you are allowed to make desired changes to your blog as all bloggers have distinct ideas about how their blog should be like. You can change your entire lookout with a few clicks. Themes can be chosen as per the blog niche as themes control the complete design of the blog if you don’t like any of the pre-installed items you can choose from the free topics available. One of the best ways to customize your blogs is by changing your theme.

Blogging 101 - Start Your Own Blog

Tips to write a blog and publish it

 It’s time to do some blogging as your blog is up and running. When you are on the post editor screen of your blog host, you can enter your title in the top box and then write in the lower box. You can add an image to your post by clicking on the add image box. After you have written your blog, you can publish it and then click launch.

Promote your blog

After publishing your blog, you need to post it to get readers. It would be best if you got some strategies to promote your blog. The plans include social media promotion, alerting your inner circle, engaging with your readers, commenting on other blogs, creating an email list, and collaborating. Lastly, you need to do SEO and submit it to search engines.

Make your blog money-making

After you have published and promoted your blog, you need to make money from the blog posted. Generally, blogs have great potential to be lucrative. Though you shouldn’t assume you will start minting money in the first week as success takes time. It might take six months or even more to start to earn a steady stream of income. Blogging needs both dedication and hard work to be a successful blogger. You can monetise your blog once you develop a broad audience as there are several methods you can employ.

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