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The Guide to Buying Perfect Birthday Gifts for Kids

March 16, 2020

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Are you are an uncle or aunt searching for a birthday present for your niece or nephew, something that’s a little bit different? Maybe you’re a super grandparent and you love to buy presents that gets the kids laughing and playing while causing a bit of mischief at the same time.

It can be difficult to find children’s gifts that stand out for all the others that they will receive for their birthday. That’s why you need to select a retailer that has selected the ultimate children’s gifts that are fun and engaging, giving kids the chance to be creative, get out and run around, test their skills and which are more than just a little out of the ordinary. 

To help you choose, here are our top tips for buying birthday presents for kids:

Look at the World Like a Kid

Parents and other relatives often make the mistake of looking at the world from their point of view. If you know your grandkids or nephews and nieces pretty well, then try to anticipate what is going to get them excited. Get inside their heads.

Clothing is way too boring. Would you rather have an adventure compass or a new pair of shorts? You don’t want them to be playing computer games all day and boring you either. Collectables that the kids have to handle carefully so they don’t break are pointless and live animals… well the less said about those the better! 

Pick a present that your grandchild, niece or nephew is likely to pick up and play with almost immediately. Kids have great imaginations and even the simplest looking toys can deliver hours of fun. 

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Choose a Birthday Gift That Encourages Activity

Kids are never happier than when they are rushing around or doing something creative. Above all, whatever you buy for a birthday it needs to be fun. 

You might want to find a present that gets the kids outside. At Wicked Uncle, for example, we have an amazing smart ball that automatically counts keepy-uppies or there’s the Waboba Wingman, a new kind of frisbee that flies for 40 metres. 

Maybe you want to help develop a burgeoning creative side. For that, we’ve got butterfly pillowcases. It’s a pillowcase you can colour in – what’s better than that? 

If you want the kids to learn something while having fun, there’s the Horrible Histories Board Game which is great for rainy days and offers an entertaining walk through history. 

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Avoid Toys That Quickly Break

There’s not a grandparent, aunt or uncle that hasn’t bought a birthday gift for a kid only to see it demolished within the first 30 minutes of opening. It’s important to take the age of the child into account. The younger they are, generally, the more destructive they can be! 

Another thing to consider is buying a quality product. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, either. At Wicked Uncle, we don’t just choose any old kid’s toy to sell. We pick them because they are engaging and brilliant but they are also pretty robust. 

Complicated toys have lots of moving parts can be especially prone to breaking. You might think a simple-looking toy like this Pindaloo where you jump a ball from one side of a tube to another won’t be engaging enough for the kids. The truth is they can have hours of fun with this kind of game. It requires skill and there’s a certain level competition that makes the hours just fly by. 

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That’s another thing to bear in mind – kids have great imaginations. What might look ordinary to us oldies presents a world of opportunities to boys and girls with a bit more creativity and willingness to explore. 

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