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How to get started with Bakugan®

May 7, 2020

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Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Bakugan® Master? Then face off against your friends with your very own Bakugan®! Pop-open figures transform from BakuBalls to Bakugan®! Recreate the excitement of the show and collect all your favourite characters! These fierce creatures pop open, transforming in one roll! Enter Battle Planet and get ready to Bakugan® brawl!

One of the items on Tigger’s Christmas wish list was the Bakugan® Battle Arena, however, it was one of the items that none of our family or friends bought for him. As luck would have it we were sent one of the Bakugan® Battle Arenas along with a select of Bakugan® toys to try out at home last month. Something Tigger was very excited to see and it came at the perfect time due to staying at home for an extended period of time.

Bakugan® toys and accessories

Bakugan® Battle Arena
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Bakugan® Battle Arena

This Bakugan® battle arena is the ultimate way to brawl with your friends! With a hexagonal grid already on the board, setting up a battle faster. Face off against an opponent and roll your new exclusive Aquos Dragonoid Bakugan® (included) for POP OPEN Baku-Action! The Battle Arena’s included bumpers make sure your balls always stay in play. The thrill of the brawl comes alive with the Battle Arena!

Includes: 1 Bakugan Battle Arena, 1 Exclusive Bakugan, 2 BakuCores, 1 Ability Card, 1 Character Card

Bakugan® Starter Pack

The Bakugan® Starter Pack has everything you need to roll into action! With two epic Bakugan®, one mighty Bakugan® Ultra, six powerful BakuCores and collectable character and ability cards (all included) to your collection. Collect over 200 Season 1 Bakugan® to build your collection, trade with friends and BATTLE!

Includes: 1 Bakugan Ultra, 2 Bakugan, 6 BakuCores, 3 Ability Cards, 3 Character Cards

Bakugan® CORE

Experience an epic Bakugan® transformation! Roll your Bakugan® Core and it
will POP OPEN, transforming from BakuBall into a fierce creature! Face off against your friends in the world of Battle Planet! Only one can leave victorious. With 100 characters to collect in Season 1, how many Bakugan® will you add to your collection?

Includes: 1 Bakugan®, 2 BakuCores, 1 Character Card

Bakugan® Battle Arena
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Bakugan® Ultra

Take your game to the next level with a Bakugan® Ultra! You have the power to make these fierce creatures perform an epic transformation! Roll them across the metal BakuCores (included) and they’ll LEAP OPEN, transforming from BakuBall to Bakugan®!

Includes: 1 Bakugan® Ultra, 2 BakuCores, 1 Character Card, 1 Ability Card

Bakugan® Baku-storage Case

Take your brawlin’ on the go with the BakuStorage Case! Inside, you’ll find room for everything you need to brawl on the go! With room for up to 14 Bakugan®, 12 BakuCores and a 40-card deck, it’s easy to pack up your collection and trade and battle your friends! Fill up two Storage Cases and
you can stack them to each other.

Includes: Storage Case, a Dragonoid Bakugan®, two BakuCores and one Character Card.

Bakugan® Battle Arena
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How to play Bakugan®

  1. Each player needs three Bakugan® (and Character Cards) and six BakuCores – These much match the BakuCore symbols with those on your team’s Character Cards.
  2. To set up Hide Matrix, BakuCores must touch one entire side to another BakuCore when placed
  3. Players alternate placing BakuCore facedown (flip a BakuCore to determine who goes first).
  4. Each player rolls an unopened Bakugan® toward the Hide Matrix. If only Bakugan® opens, that player turns over their Character Cards. If both players Bakugan® open they flip over their Character Cards.
  5. Players combine the B score from their Character Card with any BakuCore that was picked up. The highest B wins the Brawl.
  6. Both players set their Bakugan® back on their Character Cards – the victorious Bakugan® will remain open and the other must be closed
  7. All BakuCore picked up in the round must be returned to the Hide Matrix
  8. In the event of a B tie, the highest ‘fist‘ wins – If a ‘fist‘ tie, roll again.
  9. The first player to win 3 Brawls (one with each of their Bakugan®) wins the game!

Our thoughts on Bakugan®

As I unpacked the Bakugan® Battle Arena with Tigger, I suddenly felt very old and very out of touch with the younger generation – having absolutely no idea on what the little balls were never mind how you played the game. Thankfully, Tigger is very patient and explained the basic principles to me and before long I was able to understand what I needed to do. A fun game of relative chance and one that the children can play with together – although Piglet needs a little assistance when counting up the B points at the end of each round.

Win a Bakugan® Starter Pack

To help you get started with Bakugan® we are lucky enough to have a Bakugan® Starter Pack to giveaway.

Prize: Bakugan® Starter Pack (design may vary)

To enter complete the Gleam widget below, all entries are optional and each one completed will gain you more entries into the random draw.

BAKUGAN Starter Pack Set

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