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How To Smell Great On A Budget

March 17, 2020

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Just because you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t smell good. Remember smelling good does wonders for your personality and confidence. With so many resources around us, there is always a cost-effective way to smell good avoid bodily odours. Not convinced? Then go through the tips below and let’s see if you change your mind.

Do The Bare Minimum

The first step to tackling body odours is to do the regular expected grooming. Investing in a shower gel, lotion, deodorant, and perfume. Make sure you employ a reasonable grooming routine. Try to shower at least twice a day to make sure that your body is free of odour-causing bacteria.

If your armpit or pubic hairs grow, take time to shave. Remember these are the hardcore odour-causing bacteria breeding grounds and excellent traps for sweat. However, this practice alone may not be enough. To really smell good at all times, you must adopt the right lifestyle, which takes us to the next point.

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Always Hydrate

There no better way to improve your health, body, skin and even look than to hydrate. By now, you must have already heard this from your mother, teacher, doctor or even from the TV Ad. Yes, they are all right. Hydrating is an important route to keep your body odour-free. This is because by doing so, you all flushing all toxins from your body.

Adding juices and smoothies made from fresh fruits and berries to your diet also complements water intake. This is because fruits and berries are also packed with vitamins and antioxidants that help to enhance the detoxification of your body. With minimal toxins, you will notice the elimination of body smell. Even your fragrances will last longer on your skin. Plus, the perks to hydrate means that you will have younger-looking skin.

 Watch What You Eat

Integrating a healthy diet into your eating habits is also an excellent way to ensure you smell good on a budget. Think of it, you are not spending more because food is already part of your budget. The frequent intake of junk food, as well as fatty and salty foods, will distort the biochemical interactions in your body. This leads to the production of more toxins which results in more body odours.

Eating healthy and integrating food items such as veggies and fruits does the opposite of what junk foods do to your body. And whilst we are on the subject of food, you must also watch what you eat in terms of smelly foods. Although food items such as garlic and eggs are very healthy, they tend to produce unpleasant smells either by bad breath or flatulence. So on those important days where you plan to meet people, avoid eating such foods.

Develop A Skin Care Routine

Just as you develop a daily grooming routine, you should integrate a skincare regimen as well. This is especially important when you enter your 20’s. As you get older the body mechanism requires a boost. Thus, in addition to hydrating and eating healthy, a skin regimen also provides a boost. 

Consequently, you accumulate many elements that contribute to body odour build-up. These include dust, smoke, dead skin, sweat, and many other elements. Thus, it is always a good idea to exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of all these unwanted elements on your body. And just because you are on a budget and can’t afford the high-end seaweed exfoliate from Sephora, it doesn’t make it the end of the world.

You might as well make your body scrub at home. Depending on your skin type, you have so many ingredients for a good scrub at home. This includes sugar, coconut oil, avocado, salt, rosewater and many more. Simply look up the ideal recipe for your skin type online and enjoy soft, fresh and clean skin every end of the week.

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Use Fragrances

Even on a budget, a good fragrance is still important. It doesn’t mean that you should go on a bender to purchase a high-end designer perfume. Alien perfume is a good option that doesn’t break the bank. The key is to know how to pair the fragrances without having to spend so much. First, even in an antiperspirant deodorant to tackle sweat.

Then, invest in an affordable body mist or spray. This means that you don’t have to purchase expensive perfume. Even an eau de toilette will do because you already have other fragrances to layer. Just make sure the scents align! If this is difficult, then try to minimize the scents. Go for a non-perfumed shower gel, lotion or deodorant instead. 

If f you can afford a one time spend, go for oil-based perfume. A small bottle will last you a while because oil-based perfumes stay longer on your skin. The absence of very little use of alcohol in oil-based perfumes reduces its rate of evaporation. Apply a single dab of perfume on your pressure points such as the neck, inner wrists and elbows are you should be all set. You can even maximize your perfume and ensure it lasts longer. Add a little bit of the perfume to your unscented lotion to enhance your scent.

Wash Your Clothes Regularly

Another way to ensure you always smell good without spending a lot of cash is to simply wash your clothes regularly. Make it a point to never wear your clothes twice without washing them first – especially your undergarments.

For outer clothes such as jackets, the rule doesn’t have to be strict. Simply ensure that you spray them with a fabric refresher and hang them in a well-ventilated area before you wear them the next day.

Invest in affordable laundry add ons such as fabric softeners or dryer sheets to give your clothes a fresh and fragrant scent. You will also find very good and pleasant smelling laundry detergents at a very affordable price. Look for subtle and non-overwhelming scents such as lavender or citrus.

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